the Extragalactic Database for Galaxy Evolution survey

The CARMA Extragalactic Database for Galaxy Evolution (EDGE) is a molecular gas survey of 126 galaxies based on the CALIFA (Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area survey) IFU sample. From December 2014 to April 2015 CARMA mapped in CO 177 galaxies in E-array 1-hour snapshots and 126 galaxies in D-array with deeper 5-hour integrations.

The EDGE Data Are Available To Download

EDGE leadership

Alberto Bolatto (UMd), Tony Wong (UIUC), Leo Blitz (UCB), Stuart Vogel (UMd)

EDGE team

Helmut Dannerbauer (IAC), Rodrigo Herrera-Camus (MPE), Adam Leroy (OSU), Eve Ostriker (Princeton), Erik Rosolowsky (Alberta), Sebastián F. Sánchez (UNAM), Karin Sanstrom (UCSD), Glenn van de Ven (ESO), Dyas Utomo (UCB), Fabian Walter (MPIA), Jorge Barrera-Ballesteros (JHU), Dario Colombo (MPfR), Veselina Kalinova (MPfR), Peter Teuben (UMd), Yixian Cao (Illinois), Gigi Leung (MPIA), & Rebecca Levy (UMd)

  • The EDGE survey paper can be found here. Please cite it if you use the data.
  • The EDGE pipeline was written by Tony Wong. Survey details can be found here
  • The EDGE data are here
  • The EDGE Twiki (by invitation only) is here
  • A presentation showing some of the science results on October 2017 is here

The image above shows RGB composites of g-band (red) and i-band (green) from SDSS with EDGE CO in blue for all 126 D-array targets


CARMA CO integrated intensity images


CARMA CO velocity fields


Every EDGE galaxy has an extensive CALIFA dataset associated with it