Theory Lunch Seminar: Guidelines and Format
(scribbled by Tamara Bogdanović)

Theory Lunch is an informal, discussion oriented seminar. Its goals
are to showcase the latest developments and research related to the
interests of the Theory Group and to host presentations from a wider
group of guest scientists with similar interests.

We have a diverse group of theorists in the Department, and the Theory
Lunch seminar is attended by all: faculty, postdocs, and graduate
students. Occasionally, the seminar audience includes scientists from
the Physics Department and some non-theorists. A fine introduction to
your topic of research is generally encouraged as it gives everyone
the opportunity to appreciate the importance of the presented
scientific results.

In the past, Theory Lunch discussion topics have included: presenters'
recent research achievements and publications, latest developments in
a particular field of research, interesting arXiv and journal papers,
conference highlights, thesis proposals, etc. Feel free to suggest and
to discuss any of the topics that you think may be of interest to the
Theory Lunch audience.

Since we put emphasis on informality, please feel free to prepare the
presentation in the format of your preference. Previous formats have
included computer slide presentations, whiteboard & markers, printed
handouts, or some combination of media. Discussion can be fairly
lively and can take a significant fraction of 60 minute period -- a
good rule of thumb is to aim for a 40-45 minute presentation.

Finally, thank you for presenting and/or attending the Theory Lunch
seminar. We hope to see you next Monday.

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