CTC Seminar List: 01-Aug-2023 to 31-Dec-2023

All CTC Seminar are held at the PSC 1136 at 11:30-12:30 pm unless otherwise noted.
Date: Wednesday 30-Aug-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Niranjan Roy (University of Connecticut)
Title: Mock emission line observations of galaxies on FIRE
Date: Wednesday 06-Sep-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Saikat Das (Kyoto University)
Title: Hunting the origin of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays through neutrinos and gamma-rays
Date: Wednesday 13-Sep-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Arjun Savel (University of Maryland)
Title: Knowing when to know: bridging data-driven and physics-driven modeling for exoplanet atmospheres
Date: Wednesday 20-Sep-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Paul Draghis (University of Michigan)
Title: Exploring the Spin Distribution of Stellar Mass Black Holes
Date: Wednesday 27-Sep-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Ari Brill (NASA GSFC)
Title: Investigating the Variability of Flaring Gamma-ray Blazars with Stochastic Processes and Deep Learning
Date: Wednesday 04-Oct-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Hayley Beltz (University of Maryland)
Title: Ultrahot Jupiters and the Magnetic Circulation Regime
Date: Wednesday 11-Oct-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Viraj Pandya (Flatiron CCA)
Title: Galaxies Going Bananas: The Surprising 3D Geometry of High Redshift Dwarf Galaxies from JWST
Date: Wednesday 18-Oct-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Eltha Teng (UC San Diego)
Title: Revealing the Drivers of CO-to-H2 Conversion Factor Variation and its Impact on Star Formation Efficiency
Date: Wednesday 25-Oct-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Nhut Truong (NASA GSFC)
Title: Probing the effects of SMBH feedback on the CGM with Line Emission Mapper (LEM)
Date: Wednesday 01-Nov-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Joanna Berteaud (University of Maryland)
Title: Millisecond pulsars in the Galactic bulge: An adventure across the electromagnetic spectrum
Date: Wednesday 08-Nov-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Robert Caddy (University of Pittsburgh)
Title: Exascale MHD Simulations with Cholla
Date: Wednesday 15-Nov-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Lisa Dang (University of Montreal)
Title: Exploring the Diversity of Highly Irradiated Exoplanets by Revealing their Multidimensional Nature
Date: Wednesday 29-Nov-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Sagnick Mukherjee (UC Santa Cruz)
Title: Constraints on Atmospheric Mixing in Brown Dwarf and Exoplanet Atmospheres in the JWST Era
Date: Wednesday 06-Dec-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Lia Hankla (University of Maryland)
Title: Kinetic and Two-Temperature Physics of Black Hole Accretion Disks and X-ray Coronae
Date: Wednesday 13-Dec-2023
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Corey Spohn (NASA GSFC)
Title: Scheduling direct imaging observations and surveys of exoplanets already detected with radial velocity


Special accommodations for individuals with disabilities can be made by calling (301) 405-3001. It would be appreciated if we are notified at least one week in advance.


Directions and information about parking can be found here. Anyone asking a question during a talk is asked to raise their hand and be acknowledged before speaking.


Information for faculty who are hosting a visiting speaker can be found here.

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