CTC Seminar List: 01-Jan-2022 to 31-May-2022

All CTC Seminar are held at the PSC 1136 at 12:00-1:00 pm unless otherwise noted.
Date: Wednesday 26-Jan-2022
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Arshia Jacob (JHU)
Title: "Investigating the interstellar medium using hydrides - A tale of hydrides past, present and future"
Date: Wednesday 09-Feb-2022
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Yun Zhang (UMD)
Title: "LPC analogs as the origin of circumstellar debris and pollution around white dwarfs"
Date: Wednesday 02-Mar-2022
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Catherine Zucker (STScI)
Title: "Revealing the Star Formation History of our Solar Neighborhood: Supernova-Driven Star Formation on the Surface of the Local Bubble"
Date: Wednesday 30-Mar-2022
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Anjali Piette (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
Title: "Atmospheric Properties of sub-Neptune Exoplanets"
Date: Wednesday 06-Apr-2022
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Ryan Tanner (NASA Goddard)
Title: "Weird Suppressed Jets"
Date: Wednesday 13-Apr-2022
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Victor Guedes (U. Virginia)
Title: "Universal relations for proto-neutron stars: the time evolution of I-Love-Q"
Date: Wednesday 27-Apr-2022
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Joost Wardenier (Oxford)
Title: "TBD"

Date: Wednesday 05-May-2022
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Yuan Li (UNT)
Title: "TBD"

Date: Wednesday 11-May-2022
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Matt Nixon (Cambridge)
Title: "TBD"


Special accommodations for individuals with disabilities can be made by calling (301) 405-3001. It would be appreciated if we are notified at least one week in advance.


Directions and information about parking can be found here. Anyone asking a question during a talk is asked to raise their hand and be acknowledged before speaking.


Information for faculty who are hosting a visiting speaker can be found here.

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