Hot Papers on astro-ph (hp-astro-ph)

  • FORMAT: hp-astro-ph is an informal, up-to-30 min discussion of the "hot papers on astro-ph" each week. We will spend the first 5-10 minutes informally discussing the papers in small groups of your neighbors, and then we will open up the discussion to the whole group. We hope that this approach will encourage broad participation in the discussion.
  • VOTING: We will use the online astro-ph listing to cast our votes for "hot papers" that interest us during the week. We will discuss our top 2-3 voted-for papers. You can always check the status of the rankings on However, the current vote rankings will be automatically emailed on Thursday at 2pm and Friday at 8am.
  • PARTICIPATION: We encourage BROAD participation... grad students... postdocs... research associates... faculty... you name it.
  • SUCCESS: This format will be successful if we read astro-ph DIRECTLY from throughout the week. Please add a bookmark to your web browser and smart phones!
  • REGISTER: In order to vote, you must register at by clicking "Register" in the right hand corner. Your registration will be sent to one of the organizers for approval.
  • SNACKS: We will provide "hot snacks" to keep us alert during our discussion!
  • TIME AND LOCATION: Fridays at 12:30pm in the PSC 1136 conference room.

For more information, contact Prof. Richard Mushotzky and Dr. Nathan Roth.

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