Astronomy Department Directory

This is the most recent directory for the Astronomy Department at University of Maryland, College Park.

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Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Lecturers

Adjunct and Visiting Profs Research and Specialized Faculty Postdocs and Faculty Assistants Graduate Students Staff

Student Workers FAX Numbers

Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Bolatto, AlbertoProfessorbolatto@umd.eduPSC 1158(301) 405-1521 dept page
Diemer, BenediktAssistant Professordiemer@umd.eduPSC 1107(301) 405-2682 dept page
Drake, JimDistinguished University (301) 405-1471
Earl, JamesProfessor Emeritus  dept page
Hamilton, DouglasProfessordphamil@umd.eduPSC 1153(301) 405-1548 dept page
Harrington, J. PatrickProfessor Emeritusjpha@umd.eduATL 0249 dept page
Harris, AndrewProfessor and Chairaharris1@umd.eduPSC 1208D(301) 405-7531 dept page
Kempton, ElizaAssociate Professor and Graduate Directorekempton@umd.eduPSC 1111(301) 405-3615 dept page
Komacek, ThaddeusAssistant Professortkomacek@umd.eduPSC 1116(301) 405-8053 dept page
Miller, M. ColemanProfessormcmiller@umd.eduPSC 1114(301) 405-1037 dept page
Mundy, LeeProfessor and LMA Director and CRESST Directorlgm@umd.eduATL 0203(301) 405-1529 dept page
Mushotzky, RichardProfessorrmushotz@umd.eduPSC 1154(301) 405-6853 dept page
Papadopoulos, K. DennisProfessor Emeritusdpapadop@umd.eduATL 2307(301) 405-1526 dept page
Reynolds, ChrisCollege Park Professorcreynold@umd.eduPSC 1160(301) 405-6651 dept page
Richardson, DerekProfessordcr@umd.eduPSC 1112(301) 405-8786 dept page
Ricotti, MassimoProfessor and CTC Directorricotti@umd.eduPSC 1156(301) 405-5097 dept page
Sunshine, JessicaProfessor and SBG Directorjsunshin@umd.eduATL 1207F(301) 405-1045 dept page
Veilleux, SylvainProfessor and Optical Directorveilleux@umd.eduPSC 1109(301) 405-0282 dept page
Vogel, StuartProfessorsvogel@umd.eduPSC 1164(301) 405-2134 dept page


Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Hayes-Gehrke, MelissaPrincipal Lecturer and Undergraduate Director/Advisormhayesge@umd.eduPSC 1208C(301) 405-1562 dept page
Hunt, JamesLecturerjhunt1@umd.eduATL 1321
Sharma, SurjalalPrincipal Research Scientistssh@umd.eduATL 1313A(301) 405-1528 dept page
Thomson, ErinLectureremt211@umd.eduCEN 1217

Adjunct and Visiting Professors

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Cenko, BradAdjunct Associate Professorcenko@umd.eduPSC 1101(301) 286-4678 dept page
Gezari, SuviAdjunct Associate  dept page
Grinspoon, DavidAdjunct Professordgrinspo@umd.eduATL 1317
Heap, SallyAdjunct Professorsheap@umd.eduATL 1223
Knight, MatthewAdjunct Assistant Professormknight2@umd.eduATL 1104 dept page
Neufeld, DavidVisiting ProfessorATL 1223 dept page
Reynolds, ChrisCollege Park Professorcreynold@umd.eduPSC 1160(301) 405-6651 dept page
Singer, LeoAdjunct Assistant Professorlpsinger@umd.eduPSC 1103(301) 286-5439 dept page
Tielens, AlexanderAdjunct dept page
Trimble, VirginiaAffiliate  dept page

Research and Specialized Faculty

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Abshire, JamesVisiting Principal Research Scientistabshirej@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 614-6081
Achterberg, RichardAssociate Research Scientistachterbe@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-1550 dept page
Allen, AliceFaculty Specialistascl@umd.eduATL 0231(301) 405-8360 dept page
Arnaud, KeithAssociate Research Scientistkarnaud@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-5857 dept page
Avanov, LevonPrincipal Research Engineerlavanov@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-8825 dept page
Balachandran, SuchitraAssociate Research Scientistsuchit@umd.eduATL 1237
Barnes, TildenSenior Faculty Specialisttbarnes4@umd.eduATL 1255(301) 405-2081 dept page
Bauer, JamesResearch Professorgerbsb@umd.eduATL 1245(301) 405-6218 dept page
Bennett, DavidPrincipal Research Scientistbennettd@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-5473 dept page
Bessho, NaokiAssociate Research Scientistnbessho@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-8751 dept page
Bhattacharya, AparnaAssistant Research Scientistabhatta5@umd.eduNASA GSFC dept page
Bonnell, JerrySenior Faculty Specialistbonnell@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-1579 dept page
Bower, DinaAssistant Research Scientistdbower@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 614-5786 dept page
Boyd, PatriciaVisiting Principal Research Scientistpadiboyd@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-2550 dept page
Bult, PeterAssistant Research Scientistpbult@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Buzulukova, NataliaAssociate Research Scientistnyb@umd.eduATL 0253(301) 286-8961
Carr, JohnVisiting Principal Research (301) 935-0171 dept page
Chirenti, CeciliaAssociate Research Scientistchirenti@umd.eduPSC 1103(301) 286-4216
Choi, Seung HoVisiting Assistant Research Scientistschoi110@umd.eduATL 1319
Chornay, DennisPrincipal Research Engineerdchornay@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-2588 dept page
Dahlin, JoelVisiting Assistant Research Scientistjdahlin@umd.eduNASA GSFC(240) 296-2141
Dailey, JohnVisiting Senior Faculty  dept page
Darg, DanielSenior Faculty Specialistddarg@umd.eduATL 1257(301) 405-3733
Deming, L. DrakeResearch Professorldeming@umd.eduPSC 1118
Eggen, JoeSenior Faculty Specialistjeggen@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-4645 dept page
Elrod, MeredithAssociate Research Engineerkepera@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-5621 dept page
Farnham, TonyPrincipal Research Scientistfarnham@umd.eduATL 1207E(301) 405-3856 dept page
Feaga, LoriResearch Scientistlfeaga@umd.eduATL 1207A(301) 405-1383 dept page
Ferrara, ElizabethAssociate Research Scientisteferrara@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Fixsen, DaleResearch Scientistdfixsen@umd.eduNASA GSFC dept page
Gamble, RonaldVisiting Assistant Research Scientistrgamble3@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Gicquel-Brodtke, AdelineSenior Faculty Specialistagicquel@umd.eduATL 1301B(301) 405-1503 dept page
Golla, ThejappaAssociate Research Scientistthejappa@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-3390
Henning, WadeAssistant Research Scientistwhenning@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Hewagama, TilakAssociate Research Scientisttilakh@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-9130 dept page
Hirsch, BenjaminSenior Faculty Specialistbhirsch1@umd.eduATL 1257(301) 405-3069 dept page
Huard, TracyAssociate Research Scientistthuard@umd.eduATL 0227(301) 405-2059 dept page
Kalapotharakos, ConstantinosAssociate Research Scientistckalapot@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Kazmierczak, JeanetteFaculty Specialistjkazmie1@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-2799 dept page
Kelley, MikeResearch Scientistmkelley5@umd.eduATL 1207B(301) 405-3796 dept page
Khayat, AlainAssistant Research Scientistalaink@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 614-5420 dept page
Kittrell, DeOndreVisiting Faculty Specialistdkitt@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Knudson, ChristineSenior Faculty Specialistknudsonc@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-3526 dept page
Kolokolova, LudmillaPrincipal Research Scientistlkolokol@umd.eduATL 1207D(301) 405-1539 dept page
Kutyrev, AlexanderAssociate Research Scientistakutyrev@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-2150 dept page
Lawton, PatSenior Faculty Specialistplawton@umd.eduATL 1102(301) 405-2579 dept page
Livengood, TimAssociate Research Scientisttlivengo@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-1552 dept page
Loewenstein, MichaelAssociate Research Scientistmloewens@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-3615 dept page
Mamoutkine, AndreiSenior Faculty Specialistamamoutk@umd.eduATL 1246 dept page
Martos Martin, YasminaAssistant Research Scientistymartosm@umd.eduNASA GSFC dept page
Mattson, BarbPrincipal Faculty Specialistmattson@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-1243 dept page
Michell, RobertAssistant Research Scientistrmichell@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-5959 dept page
Mitchell, SaraSenior Faculty Specialistsaram@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-4598 dept page
Moiseev, AlexanderPrincipal Research Scientistamoiseev@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-5581 dept page
Moriarty, DanielAssistant Research Scientistm0riarty@umd.eduNASA GSFC(401) 258-7926
Nagdimunov, LevFaculty  dept page
Neveu, MarcAssistant Research Scientistmneveu@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Ng, JonathanAssistant Research Scientistjonng@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-1237
Olling, RobertVisiting Assistant Research Scientistrolling@umd.eduATL 0251 dept page
Pound, MarcPrincipal Research Scientistmpound@umd.eduATL 0225(301) 405-1520 dept page
Pritchard, TylerVisiting Assistant Research Scientisttylerap@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Rauch, KevinAssociate Research Scientistrauch@umd.eduATL 0213(301) 405-4967 dept page
Raugh, AnnePrincipal Faculty Specialistaraugh@umd.eduATL 1249(301) 405-6855 dept page
Reddy, FrancisPrincipal Faculty Specialistfjreddy@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-4453 dept page
Richardson, IanResearch Scientistirichard@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-3079 dept page
Richardson, JacobAssistant Research Scientistjacobgeo@umd.eduNASA GSFC dept page
Romanelli, NorbertoAssistant Research Scientistnromanel@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Sage, LeslieVisiting Principal Research Scientistlsage@umd.eduPSC 1101 dept page
Sankar, ShannonAssistant Research Scientistssankar@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-8241 dept page
Sasaki, MakotoAssociate Research Scientistmsasaki@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-0998 dept page
Saxena, PrabalAssistant Research Scientistpsaxena1@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Segura, MarciaPrincipal Faculty Specialistmsegura@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-6805 dept page
Sewilo, MartaAssociate Research Scientistmmsewilo@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-5401
Share, GeraldVisiting Principal Research Scientistgshare@umd.eduATL 1243 dept page
Sharma, SurjalalPrincipal Research Scientistssh@umd.eduATL 1313A(301) 405-1528 dept page
Shaya, EdwardAssociate Research Scientisteshaya@umd.eduATL 0247(301) 405-2040 dept page
Shkolyar, SvetlanaVisiting Assistant Research Scientistsneveu@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Shuster, JasonAssistant Research Scientistshuster@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-8943 dept page
Southard, AdrianVisiting Associate Research Engineerasouthar@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Tan, Lun-ChangSenior Faculty Specialistltan@umd.eduNASA GSFC dept page
Terragni, JacopoVisiting Senior Faculty Specialistjterragn@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Teuben, PeterPrincipal Research Scientistteuben@umd.eduATL 0223(301) 405-1540 dept page
Tombesi, FrancescoAssistant Research
Wadiasingh, ZorawarVisiting Assistant Research Scientistzorawar@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Wang, ShanAssistant Research Scientistswang90@umd.eduPSC 1122(301) 352-4676 dept page
Warner, ElizabethPrincipal Faculty Specialist and Observatory Directorewarner@umd.eduATL 1251(301) 405-6555 dept page
Wellnitz, DennisPrincipal Faculty Specialistwellnitz@umd.eduATL 1253(301) 405-1546 dept page
Whelley, PatrickAssistant Research Scientistpwhelley@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 614-5129 dept page
Wolfire, MarkResearch Scientist Emeritusmwolfire@umd.eduATL 0229(301) 405-1538 dept page
Ye, QuanzhiAssistant Research Scientistqye@umd.eduATL 1105(301) 405-1549 dept page
Zoghbi, AbduVisiting Associate Research Scientistazoghbi@umd.eduNASA GSFC

Postdocs and Faculty Assistants

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Andreoni, IgorPost Doctoral Associate-Neil Gehrels Fellowandreoni@umd.eduPSC 1120 dept page
Ballhausen, RalfPost Doctoral Associateballhaus@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Bastelberger, SandraPost-Doctoral Associatebasandra@umd.eduPSC 1118 dept page
Bell, ErnestPost Doctoral Associateebell1@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Bialy, ShmuelPost Doctoral Associatesbialy@umd.eduPSC 1105 dept page
Boettcher, ErinPost Doctoral Associateeboettch@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Cumbee, RenataPost Doctoral-Associatercumbee@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Guest, BensonPost Doctoral Associatebguest1@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Gurram, HarshaPost-Doctoral Associatehgurram@umd.eduNASA GSFC dept page
Hare, JeremyPost Doctoral Associatejhare@umd.eduATL 1341
Hogg, J. DrewPost-Doctoral Associatedrewhogg@umd.eduATL 0245 dept page
Jung, JaewoongPost-Doctoral Associatejjung11@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Kloos, JacobPost Doctoral Associatejlkloos@umd.eduATL 1104 dept page
Koshimoto, NaokiPost-Doctoral Associatenkoshimo@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Kruse, EthanPost Doctoral Associateekruse18@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Kuruppuaratchi, Dona Chathuni PiumikaPost Doctoral Associatedkuruppu@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Martinez Castellanos, IsraelPost Doctoral Associateimc@umd.eduPSC 2238
Mbarek, RostomPost Doctoral Associate-Neil Gehrels Fellowrmbarek@umd.eduPSC 1120
O'Connor, BrendanFaculty Assistantoconnorb@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Ogorzalek, AnnaPost Doctoral Associateogoann@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Picquenot, AdrienPost Doctoral Associateapicquen@umd.eduATL 1349
Renaud, JoePost-Doctoral Associatejrenaud@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Rice, RachelPost-Doctoral Associatercrice@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Rizos, JuanPost Doctoral Associatejlrizos@umd.eduATL 1101
Schanche, NicolePost-Doctoral Associatenschanch@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Shumko, MykhayloPost Doctoral Associatemshumko@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Tiwari, MaitraiyeePost Doctoral Associatemtiwari@umd.eduATL 0207 dept page
Valencia, SarahPost-Doctoral Associatesnvalenc@umd.eduNASA GSFC dept page
Vandorou, AikateriniPost Doctoral Associatekatievan@umd.eduATL 1351
Vega, LauraPost Doctoral Associateldvega@umd.eduNASA
Welch, BrianPost-Doctoral Associatebwelch13@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Wijsen, NicolasPost-Doctoral Associatenwijsen@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Wright, EstebanPost Doctoral Associateewrigh10@umd.eduPSC 1120 dept page

Graduate Students

Last, First Title Advisor E-mail Room Phone Website
Agrusa, Harrison Graduate Student Richardson ATL 1239  dept page
Bogat, Ell Graduate Student Komacek PSC 1248  dept page
Broadmeadow, Amanda Graduate Student Mundy PSC 1238
Crnogorcevic, Milena Graduate Student Ricotti ATL 1259  dept page
Cronin, Serena Graduate Student Bolatto PSC 1238  dept page
Crouse, Jaime Graduate Student PSC 1238  dept page
Davenport, Brian Graduate Student PSC 1248  dept page
DeMartini, Joseph Graduate Student Richardson ATL 1227  dept page
Dittmann, Alexander Graduate Student Miller ATL 1235  dept page
Ealy, Jordan Graduate Student Komacek ATL 1237  dept page
Fromont, Emeline Graduate Student Komacek PSC 1238  dept page
Grell, Gabriel Graduate Student Mushotzky ATL 1227  dept page
Guzman Caloca, Giannina Graduate Student Kempton ATL 1237  dept page
Hammerstein, Erica Graduate Student Veilleux PSC 1229  dept page
He, Chongchong Graduate Student Ricotti ATL 1241  dept page
Hoffman, Erika Graduate Student Reynolds PSC 1260
Holt, Carrie Graduate Student Richardson ATL 1227  dept page
Holt, Isiah Graduate Student Miller PSC 1238  dept page
Hord, Benjamin Graduate Student Kempton PSC 1229  dept page
Ih, Jegug Graduate Student Kempton ATL 1231  dept page
Karim, Ramsey Graduate Student Mundy PSC 1239  dept page
Leidig, Katya Graduate Student Diemer PSC 1248  dept page
Li, Jialu Graduate Student Harris ATL 1260  dept page
Marohnic, Julian Graduate Student Richardson ATL 1259  dept page
Mirizio, Emma Graduate Student Richardson PSC 1260
Mundo-Santiago, Sergio Graduate Student Mushotzky PSC 1260  dept page
Osinga, Calvin Graduate Student Diemer PSC 1238  dept page
Park, Jongwon Graduate Student Ricotti ATL 1241  dept page
Savel, Arjun Graduate Student Kempton ATL 1231  dept page
Seebeck, Jerome Graduate Student PSC 1260  dept page
Solanki, Siddhant Graduate Student Reynolds PSC 1248  dept page
Srinivasaragavan, Gokul Graduate Student Miller PSC 1248
Tarantino, Elizabeth Graduate Student Bolatto ATL 1231  dept page
Teal, D. Graduate Student Kempton PSC 1229  dept page
Villanueva Llanos, Vicente Graduate Student Bolatto ATL 1239  dept page
Volpert, Carrie Graduate Student Bolatto PSC 1248  dept page
Washington, Antoine Graduate Student Sunshine ATL 1239  dept page
Whitfield, Kiana Graduate Student PSC 1248  dept page
Williams, Jonathan Graduate Student Mushotzky PSC 1238  dept page
Yates, Eric Graduate Student PSC  dept page


Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Callahan, EmilyResearch Coordinatorecallaha@umd.eduPSC 1121(301) 405-3177
Cheyne, LelandCRESST II Program Managerlcheyne@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-9563
Cullinan, JohnBusiness and Administrative Coordinatorjcullina@umd.eduPSC 1117(301) 405-1542 dept page
Dent, OliviaAssociate Director of Faculty and Graduate Affairsodent@umd.eduPSC 1208F(301) 405-1512 dept page
Hansborough, BarbaraCoordinatorbarbarah@umd.eduPSC 1208(301) 405-1508 dept page
Harrison, EricaManagerebenton1@umd.eduNASA GSFC(301) 286-8370
Kimbrell, DorindaDirector of Administrative Servicesdkimbrel@umd.eduPSC 1125(301) 405-1511 dept page
Lehr, SusanCoordinator of Business Servicesslehr@umd.eduPSC 1115(301) 405-1507 dept page
Miles, LaurenAcademic Program SpecialistLmiles14@umd.eduPSC 1208E(301) 405-1505
Rauch, KevinAssociate Research Scientistrauch@umd.eduATL 0213(301) 405-4967 dept page
Rowe, NatalieBusiness Managernarowe@umd.eduPSC 1119(301) 405-1560 dept page
Susanto, Y. MonaBusiness Managerysusanto@umd.eduPSC 1123(301) 405-6882 dept page
Vaidya, VaradaCRESST II Coordinatorvvaidya@umd.eduNASA GSFC

Student Workers

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone
Allee-Press, LaceyTeaching Assistantlaceyap@umd.eduATL 1243
Arnold, KennethTeaching Assistantkarnold2@umd.eduATL 1243
Bekele, MakdaStudent Office Assistantmbekele2@terpmail.umd.eduPSC 1208B
Dai, HaoyingTeaching Assistantdhy@umd.eduATL 1351
Garcia, FredTeaching Assistantfgarcia4@umd.eduATL 1243
Goldenberg-Hart, AidanTeaching Assistantagoldenb@umd.eduATL 1243
Guiffreda, OrionTeaching Assistantoriogui@umd.eduATL 1243
Hammond, TobiTeaching Assistantihammond@umd.eduATL 1243
Imonitie, LivingstoneTeaching Assistantlimoniti@umd.eduATL 1349
Kang, HoonyTeaching Assistantkangh@umd.eduPSC
Light, SiobhanTeaching Assistantslight@umd.eduATL 1243
Mehta, SamyakTeaching Assistantsmehta17@umd.eduATL 1243
Salvi, PallaviTeaching Assistantpsalvi@umd.eduATL 1345
Sendgikoski, KyleTeaching Assistantsendgik2@umd.eduATL 1349
Shockley, StevenTeaching Assistantsshockle@umd.eduATL 1243
Withanage, ThanushiTeaching Assistantthanushi@umd.eduATL 1345

FAX Numbers

Location Room FAX
Mail Room FaxPSC 1113(301) 314-9067

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