Undergraduate Information

The information gathered here is for current and prospective undergraduates.

  • Academic Program
    This section includes information about the astronomy major and minors, a list of course offerings, webpages for individual courses, and the "Learning Outcomes Assessment Plans".
  • Prospective Students
    This section includes information specifically geared toward prospective students.
  • Astronomy Research
    This page lists various opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research on or off campus.
  • Fellowships and Awards
    This page lists fellowships and other awards of possible interest to Astronomy students.
  • AstroTerps (on TerpLink)
    The Terrapin Astronomical Society (AstroTerps) is a student organization devoted to sharing the knowledge and joy of astronomy and astronomical events.
  • Tutoring for ASTR 120/121 Introductory survey course for astronomy majors
    See ASTR 120 or ASTR 121 syllabus for schedule and location.
  • Academic Support and Tutoring Resources
    This CMNS webpage has a collection of useful resources for students looking for academic assistance.
  • UMD Physicists of Underrepresented Genders (PUGs) (formerly Women in Physics)
    Group in the Physics Department with resources and events of possible interest to underrepresented gender students and faculty.