Hosting Visitors

This page contains general information about hosting visitors to the department, including export control, travel, parking, colloquium duties, and more. We encourage you to contact the Olivia Dent if you have suggestions for additions/changes.

Colloquium Hosting

If you are a host for one of our weekly colloquium visitors, see the colloquium hosting guide (2023) .

Other Visitors

Required Information Prior to the Visit

International Visitors: If you are hosting a visitor who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, please complete the export control form (Word or PDF) for Barbara Hansborough as soon as possible because ECO must screen the person. In addition, all visitors traveling via international flights on a grant account must fly a U.S. Flag carrier if reimbursement is being requested for airfare.

Travel Approval Requests: Barbara submits all TARs for visitors. It is important to send the following information to her via email as soon as possible.

  1. KFS number to charge for expenses
  2. Full given name
  3. Dates of travel (from xxxx to xxxx)
  4. Origin - (city, airport code, etc.)
  5. Destination - (airport code if flying)
  6. If lodging is needed
  7. Visitor's email address
  • Important Reminder If the department is paying expenses, approval by the chair is required in advance. If expenses are split between two accounts, please send the information to Barbara. If visit is covered by an account other than 1-119300, please send this info to Barbara prior to her submitting a TAR. All expenses that are covered by a grant account must be approved by the business manager for that account in addition to approval by the chair.

Parking Information Please let Barbara know in advance if the visitor will need parking so that she can email you the parking validation code. If your visitor is with CRESST, they should get a validation code from Katherine McKee. If the visitor is with JSI, please contact John Cullinan for a parking code. The parking validation codes can be used in all garages and visitor lots with pay stations, except the Visitors' Center. These codes are not to be used by staff or faculty at College Park. See also the instructions for pay stations. Note that Visitor Parking in Regents Garage is on the roof of the garage.

Visitors' Office Binder Be sure to sign up for one of the visitors' offices if necessary. The binder will be in PSC 1208.

Once the Visitor Arrives

Office Key Obtain the visitors' office key from the mailroom student or Barbara.

Guest Wireless If your visitor wants wireless access, they can use the eduroam network if their institution participates in eduroam or the umd-guest network.