Ph.D. Theses (1966-Present)

Year Author Thesis Title Image
2024 Hammerstein, Erica Population Studies of Tidal Disruption Events and Their Hosts: Understanding Host Galaxy Preferences and the Origin of the Ultraviolet and Optical Emission
2024 Park, Jongwon The Formation of Metal-Free Population III Stars in X-Ray and Lyman-Werner Radiation Backgrounds
2024 Karim, Ramsey Interactions Between Massive Stellar Feedback and Interstellar Gas in the Eagle Nebula
2023 Marohnic, Julian Mechanical Evolution of Small Solar System Bodies
2023 Mundo, Sergio Investigating the X-Ray Temporal and Spectral Properties of Blazars and Beamed AGN in The Swift-Bat Hard X-Ray Survey
2023 Hord, Ben The Shadows of Would-Be Gods: Finding Transiting Jovians, Terrestrials, and Everything in Between with TESS to Understand Hot Jupiter Formation and the Best JWST Targets
2023 Villanueva, Vicente Analyzing the Star Formation Efficiency and Physical Conditions of the Molecular Gas in Nearby Galaxies
2023 Holt, Carrie A Song of Fire & Ice: Evolutionary Properties of Hot & Cold Small Bodies
2023 Hartley, Blake Simulating Bursty and Continuous Reionization Using GPU Computing
2023 Teal Photochemistry of Exoplanet Atmospheres: Modelling Alien Chemistry Accurately and Self-Consistently
2023 Crnogorčević, Milena New Messengers and New Physics: A Survey of the High-energy Universe
2023 He, ChongChong Multiscale Radiation-MHD Simulations of Compact Star Clusters
2023 Li, Jialu Molecular Spectroscopy of Star Forming Regions: Cool and Hot, Close and Far
2022 Tarantino, Elizabeth (Liz) Physical Conditions of the Multi-Phase Interstellar Medium in Nearby Galaxies from Infrared and Millimeter-Wave Spectroscopy
2022 Agrusa, Harrison On the Dynamics of Binary Asteroids Applied to DART Mission Target (65803) Didymos graphic of Didymos system
2022 Ahumada-Mena, Tomas A portrait of the binary compact merger as a young: Short GRB, Gravitational Wave, Afterglow and Kilonova
2022 Liu, Weizhe Active Galactic Nucleus Feedback in Giants and Dwarfs Fig 4.4 Median Velocity Maps
2022 Ward, Charlotte Tracing the Formation and Merger-Driven Growth of Massive Black Holes with the Zwicky Transient Facility
2022 Fu, Guangwei A Study of Diverse Hot Jupiter Atmospheres
2022 Smith, Robyn Case Studies in AGN Feedback
2021 Lenkić, Laura Gas and Star Formation at the Peak of Cosmic Star Forming Activity Fig 4.2 Summary of Data Sets Analyzed
2021 Crossley, Sam
(Ph.D. in Geology)
Petrologic, geochemical, and spectral characteristics of oxidized planetary differentiation Fig S2.6
2021 Levy, Rebecca Investigating Star Formation Feedback through Gas Kinematics in Nearby Galaxies Fig 4.1 The 350 GHz dust continuum map
2021 Cunningham, Ginny Broadband Observations of Gamma-ray Bursts and Fast Radio Bursts: Energetics, Afterglows, and Physical Origins Fig 3.7 The multiwavelength lightcurve of GRB 160625B
2021 Sheppard, Kyle Revealing Unique Exoplanet Atmospheres with Multi-Instrument Space Telescope Transit and Eclipse Spectroscopy Fig 3.18 Comparison of the median retrieved model
2021 Frederick, Sara From Tantrums to Transformations: AGN Transients Discovered with ZTF 2-panel graphic with galxy photo on left and galaxy graphic on right
2021 Louie, Dana Optimizing JWST Exoplanetary Atmospheric Characterization Through Prioritization and Validation of TESS-Discovered Exoplanets and Panchromatic Studies Fig 4.5 Integrated JWST S/N Across NIRISS Bandpass
2020 Steele, Amy Circumstellar Material On and Off the Main Sequence Fig 3.6 SPIRE images of the sources with a detection at 250µm
2020 Rogoszinski, Zeeve The Tilts and Spins of Planets and Moons Fig 4.3 A resonance capture
2020 Rimlinger, Thomas Resonances in Ring, Satellite, and Planetary Systems Fig 5.3 Crossing orbits
2020 Gatkine, Pradeep From Nanometers to Light Years: Exploration of the Early Universe with Gamma-Ray Bursts and Development of Photonics Spectrographs for Astronomy
2020 Stone, Myra The Cool Side of Galactic Winds: Exploration with HERSCHEL-PACS and SPITZER-IRS
2019 Afrin Badhan, Mahmuda Above the Clouds: 1-D Modeling of Observations of Tidally Locked Extrasolar Worlds
2019 Wang, Qian Shocks and Cold Fronts in Galaxy Clusters -- Probing the Microphysics of the Intracluster Medium Wang
2018 Liu, Tingting The Search for Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in the Time Domain Liu
2018 Hung, Tzu-Yu Sifting for Sapphires in the Transient Sky: the Search for Tidal Disruption Events In the Optical Time Domain Hung
2018 Hogg, James Accretion Physics Through the Lens of the Observer: Connecting Fundamental Theory with Variability from Black Holes Hogg
2018 Dhabal, Arnab Connecting Molecular Clouds to Clustered Star Formation Using Interferometry Dhabal
2017 Betancourt-Martinez, Gabriele Benchmarking Charge Exchange Theory in the Dawning Era of Space-Bourne High-Resolution X-ray Spectrometers Betancourt-Martinez
2017 Wilkins, Ashlee Atmospheric Characterization of Giant Exoplanets in Extreme Environments Wilkins
2017 McAdam, Margaret Water in the Early Solar System: Mid-Infrared Studies of Alteration on Asteroids McAdam
2017 Smith, Krista Optical Time Domain and Radio Imaging Analysis of the Dynamic Hearts of AGN Krista
2017 Avara, Mark Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Black Hole Accretion Mark
2017 Toy, Vicki Gamma-Ray Bursts: Lighting Up the High-Redshift Universe Vicki
2017 Ballouz, Ronald Numerical Simulations of Granular Physics in the Solar System Ronald
2016 Jameson, Katherine Molecular Gas and Star Formation at Low Metallicity in the Magellanic Clouds Jameson
2016 Shimizu, Thomas The Star-Forming Properties of an Ultra-Hard X-ray Selected Sample of AGN Thomas
2016 Sheets, Holly A Statistical Characterization of the Atmospheres of Sub-Saturn Planet Candidates in the Kepler Archive Holly
2016 Rizzo, Maxime BETTII: A Pathfinder for High Angular Resolution Observations of Star-forming Regions in the Far-infrared Maxime
2016 Cohen, Jamie Gamma-Ray Studies of Stellar Graveyards: Fermi-LAT Observations of Supernova Remnants and Spatially Extended Emission Jamie
2016 Olmstead, Alice An Assessment of Professional Development for Astronomy and Physics Faculty: Expanding Our Vision of How to Support Faculty's Learning about Teaching Alice
2016 Capone, Jonathan Near-Infrared Instrumentation for Rapid-Response Astronomy Jonathan
2015 Herrera Camus, Rodrigo Probing the Multiphase Interstellar Medium and Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies through Far-infrared Spectroscopy Rodrigo
2015 Storm, Shaye High-Resolution Imaging of Dense Gas Structure and Kinematics in Nearby Molecular Clouds with the CARMA Large Area Star Formation Survey Shaye
2015 McCormick, Alexander Dust and Molecular Gas in the Winds of Nearby Galaxies Alexander
2015 Chen, Che-Yu Formation of Magnetized Prestellar Cores in Turbulent Giant Molecular Clouds Che-Yu
2015 Fraine, Jonathan Diagnosing Clouds and Hazes in Exoplanet Atmospheres Jonathan
2014 Kumar, Sidharth Applications of Advanced Statistical Methods in the Pan-STARRS1 Medium-Deep Survey Sidharth
2014 Pasham, Dheeraj X-ray Time and Spectral Variability as Probes of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources Pasham
2014 Helgason, Kari The Cosmic Near-Infrared Background: From the Dark Ages to the Present Helgason
2014 Donaldson, Jessica Characterizing Young Debris Disks through Far-Infrared and Optical Observations Donaldson
2014 George, Jithin A Comprehensive Study of the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters Using Suzaku George
2014 Lohfink, Anne Probing the Central Regions of AGN Lohfink
2014 Polisensky, Emil Simulations of Small Mass Structures in the Local Universe to Constrain the Nature of Dark Matter Polisensky
2013 Gersch, Alan Modeling Optically Thick Molecular Emission Spectra of Comets Using Asymmetric Spherical Coupled Escape Probability Gersch
2013 Skinner, Michael Aaron
(Ph.D. in Applied Math)
An efficient method for radiation hydrodynamics in models of feedback-regulated star formation Skinner
2013 Schwartz, Steve The Development and Implementation of Numerical Tools for Investigation into the Granular Dynamics of Solid Solar System Bodies Schwartz
2013 DeCesar, Megan Using Fermi Large Area Telescope Observations to Constrain the Emission and Field Geometries of Young Gamma-Ray Pulsars and to Guide Radio Millisecond Pulsar Searches DeCesar
2013 Krug, Hannah Neutral Gas Outflows and Inflows in Local AGN & High-z Lyman-alpha Emitters in COSMOS Krug
2013 Gong, Hao Dense Core Formation and Collapse in Giant Molecular Clouds Gong
2012 Jontoff-Hutter, Daniel Magnetic Field Effects on The Motion of Circumplanetary Dust Juntoff
2012 Park, KwangHo Accretion onto Black Holes from Large Scales Regulated by Radiative Feedback Park
2011 Sorathia, Kareem
(Ph.D. in Applied Math)
Turbulent Transport In Global Models of Magnetized Accretion Disks Sorathia
2011 Perrine, Randall N-body Simulations with Cohesion in Dense Planetary Rings Perrine
2011 Gill, Mike The Dynamics of Dense Stellar Systems with a Massive Central Black Hole Gill
2011 Koss, Mike The Host Galaxies of Ultra Hard X-ray Selected AGN Koss
2011 Hodges-Kluck, Edmund The Hot Atmospheres of X-shaped Radio Galaxies Hodges
2011 Bovill, Mia The Fossils of the First Galaxies in the Local Universe Bovill
2011 McDonald, Mike The Origins and Ionization Mechanisms of H-alpha Filaments in the Cool Cores of Galaxy Groups and Clusters McDonald
2010 Zauderer, Ashley An Analysis of the Environment and Gas Content of Luminous Infrared Galaxies Zauderer
2010 Wei, Lisa A Study of Cold Gas and Star Formation in Low-Mass Blue-Sequence E/SOs Wei
2010 Philpott, Catherine M. Three-Body Capture of Jupiter's Irregular Satellites and Resonant History of the Galilean Satellites Philpott
2010 Radeva, Yana Infrared Spectroscopy of Parent Volatiles in Comets: Chemical Diversity and a New Fluorescence Model for the Ethane n5 Band Radeva
2010 Teng, Stacy H. From Merging Galaxies to Quasars: The Evolution of Nuclear Activity in Luminous and Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies Teng
2009 LaVigne, Misty A Multi-Wavelength Study of Spiral Arm Substructure LaVigne
2009 Lauberg, Vanessa Black Hole Dynamics and Gravitational Radiation in Galactic Nuclei Lauburg
2008 Knight, Matthew Studies of SOHO Comets Knight
2008 Winter, Lisa Extragalactic X-ray surveys of ULXs and AGNs Winter
2008 Vernaleo, John C. Hydrodynamic Models of AGN Feedback in Cooling Core Clusters Vernaleo
2008 Mattson, Barbara J. A Decade of Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer Seyfert Observations: An RXTE Seyfert Spectral Database Mattson<
2007 Kim, Ji Hoon Star Formation History of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Kim
2007 Chapman, Nicholas Dust Structure and Composition Within Molecular Clouds and Cores Chapman
2007 Shetty, Rahul Gas Kinematics and Dynamics: Spiral Structure and Cloud Formation in Disk Galaxies Shetty
2007 Brenneman, Laura W. A Spectral Survey of Black Hole Spin in Active Galactic Nuclei Brenneman
2007 Kuzio de Naray, Rachel High Resolution Optical Velocity Fields of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies and the Density Profiles of Dark Matter Halos deNaray
2007 Zhang, Ke Resonant and Secular Orbital Interactions Zhang
2007 Chen, Jian Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of the Magnetosphere During Geospace Storm Chen
2006 Walsh, Kevin Forming Binary Near-Earth Asteroids From Tidal Disruptions Walsh
2006 Mazzuca, Lisa Morphology, Star Formation, and Kinematics of Nuclear Rings Mazzuca
2006 Gultekin, Kayhan Growing Intermediate-Mass Black Holes with Gravitational Waves Gultekin
2006 Pierce, Donna Formation and Destruction of CO in Cometary Comae Pierce
2005 Piontek, Robert Thermal and Magnetorotational Instability in the Interstellar Medium Piontek
2005 Yang, Yuxuan A Deep X-Ray Survey of the Lockman Hole Northwest Yang
2005 Li, Jianyang Light Scattering Properties of Asteroids and Cometary Nuclei Li
2005 Fast, Kelly Mars Ozone Abundances From Infrared Heterodyne Spectra and Their Application to the Study of the Study of the Stability of the Martian Atmosphere Fast
2005 Leinhardt, Zoe Planetesimal Evolution and the Formation of Terrestrial Planets Leinhardt
2004 Volgenau, Nikolaus Turbulence in Star Formation: Tracing Velocity Fields of Dense Cores Volgenau
2004 Marshall, James A Large Survey for Very Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Marshall
2004 Rupke, David
(Ph.D. in Physics)
Outflows of Infrared-Luminous Galaxies: Absorption Line Spectroscopy of Starbursts and AGNs Rupke
2004 Baumgartner, Wayne Elemental Abundances via X-ray Observations of Galaxy Clusters and the InFOCUS Hard X-Ray Telescope Baumgartner
2003 Berendse, Fred Cosmic Ray Acceleration in Cassiopeia A and Grazing-Incidence Multilayer X-Ray Mirrors
2002 Miller, Scott The Nature and Origin of Diffuse Ionized Gas in Nearby Edge-on Spiral Galaxies
2002 Gibbons, Rachel Deviations of the Fundamental Plane and the Peculiar Velocity of Clusters
2002 Kim, Woong-Tae Giant Cloud Formation in Disk Galaxies
2002 Horner, Donald J. X-Ray Scaling Laws for Galaxy Clusters and Groups
2001 Shao, Xi Investigations of the Earth's Magnetosphere with Global MHD Simulations
2001 Lee, Chin Fei CO Outflows from Young Stars: Observations and Simulations
2001 Sheth, Kartik Molecular Gas Properties of Barred Spirals
2000 Woodney, Laura Chemistry in Comet Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake
2000 Kuntz, Kip Small-Scale Angular Variations in the Soft X-ray Background
2000 Miller, Kristen Numerical Study of Accretion and Accretion Disks
2000 Nagar, Neil Central Engines and Accretion Mechanisms in Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei
2000 Geier, Sven A Study of Cosmic-Ray Beryllium with the Isotope Magnet Experiment (ISOMAX)
1999 Zhang, Jie A Study of the Sun's Corona Using EUV and Radio Observations
1999 Fernández, Yan Physical Properties of the Nuclei of Comets
1999 Kundu, Arunav Hubble Space Telescope Observations of the Globular Cluster Systems of Early Type Galaxies
1998 Xu, Jianjun The Effect of Cooling on the K-H Instability in Astrophysical Jets
1998 Piner, Glenn Geodetic VLBI Observations of EGRET Blazars
1998 Cavallo, Robert Examining Abundance Anomalies in Globular Cluster Red Giant Stars
1998 Looney, Leslie
(Ph.D. in Physics)
Unveiling the Envelope and Disk: A Sub-Arcsecond Survey of Young Stellar Systems
1997 Colbert, Ed Large Scale Galactic Outflows in Seyfert Galaxies
1997 Thornley, Michele Dynamical Influences in Flocculent Galaxies. An Examination of Structure and Star Formation
1996 Regan, Michael Gas Flow in Barred Spiral Galaxies
1996 Braatz, James H2O Megamaser Emission in Active Galactic Nuclei
1996 Gallimore, Jack The Enigmatic Seyfert Nucleus of NGC 1068 Implications for the Central Engine and Unifying Schemes
1996 Gruendl, Robert Spiral Structure and Global Star Formation Processes in M51
1995 Helfer, Tam The Distribution and Role of Dense Molecular Gas in the Centers of Galaxies
1995 Peng, Yuan A High Resolution Study of the Sagittarius B2 and W33A Massive Star Forming Regions
1995 Rho, J An X-Ray Study of Composite Supernova Remnants
1995 Chan, Kin Wing Spectrophotometric Studies of the Galactic Center
1994 Mulchaey, John Observational Tests of the Unified Model for Seyfert Galaxies
1994 Pound, Marc Proto-Brown Dwarfs
1994 Miyaji, Takemitsu X-Ray Emission as a Tracer of the Large Scale Distribution of Matter
1994 McMullin, Joseph High Resolution Study of the Circumstellar Physical and Chemical Environments of Nearby Young Stellar Objects
1994 Davis, David X-Ray Substructure in a Flux-Limited Catalog of Clusters of Galaxies
1993 Weaver, Kimberly The Complex Broad Band X-Ray Spectra of Seyfert Galaxies
1993 Vasquez, Bernard Nonlinear Wave Packet Evolution in a Dispersive Plasma: Application to Rotational Discontinuities
1993 Phookun, Bikram A Study of One-Armed Spiral Galaxies
1992 Lisse, Carey
(Ph.D. in Physics)
Infrared Observations of Cometary Dust by COBE
1992 Giovanoni, Peter The Effects of Relativistic Neutrons on Nonthermal Models of Active Galactic Nuclei
1992 Christian, Damian Spectral and Temporal Behavior of Low Mass X-Ray Binaries Observed with the Einstein SSS and MPC and the Broad Band X-Ray Telescope
1992 Butler, Paul Pushing the Limit: Precision Radial Velocities, Techniques and Applications
1992 Nath, Biman Energetic Events in the Early Universe
1992 Samarasinha, Nalin Temporal and Spatial Inhomogeneities in Comets
1991 Hewagama, Tilak An Infrared Polarimetric Study of Sunspots
1990 Henning, Patricia A Study of a 21-Cm-Selected Sample of Galaxies
1990 Briley, Mike Carbon and Nitrogen Abundance Variations Among Galactic Globular Cluster Stars
1990 Black, Martin T. Analysis of gravity and topography on Earth and Venus: Comparisons of lithospheric and sublithospheric processes
1989 Armus, Lee An Optical Investigation of Powerful Far-Infrared Galaxies
1989 Hoban, Sue Comet Halley: An Optical Continuum Study
1988 R. J. MacDowall Kilometric Type II Radio Bursts and Interplanetary Transients
1988 T. J. Sodroski The galactic large-scale far-infrared emission observed by IRAS: Implications for the morphology, physical conditions, and energetics of dust in the interstellar medium
1988 E. P. Smith Multicolor Surface Photometry of Powerful Radio Galaxies
1987 H. Karimabadi The physics of wave-particle interaction with applications to astrophysics
1987 N. Kassim The Galactic Plane at 30.9 MHz
1987 S. A. Baum Extended Optical Emission Line Gas in Powerful Radio Galaxies
1987 R. J. Sopka Mass Loss from Evolved Stars
1986 L. A. Magnani Molecular Clouds at High Latitudes
1987 J. T. Bonnell Spectroscopic determinations of surface gravities of giant stars, and ultraviolet observations of RR Lyrae and X Arietis
1986 R. B. Hindsley An Investigation of Cepheid Variable Stars Using Hydrostatic Model Atmospheres
1986 T. N. LaRosa The Propagation of an Electron Beam through the Solar Corona
1985 J. G. Stacy The Development of the Goddard Compton Gamma-Ray Telescope and Neutral Hydrogen Observations Towards the Puppis Window of the Galaxy
1985 G. H. Kaplan The Earth's Nutational Motion Determined From Radio Interferometry
1985 S. F. Fung Radiation from Nonlinear Coupling of Plasma Waves
1985 M. Bobrowsky Numerical Hydrodynamic Models of Planetary Nebulae
1985 S. B. Kraemer The Effect of Dust in the Emission Line Gas of Seyfert 2 Nuclei
1985 M. J. Henriksen The Physical Characteristics of the X-Ray Emitting Gas in Clusters of Galaxies and Constraints on Dark Matter
1985 S. Ghosh The Onset of Alfvenic Turbulence
1983 D. G. Schleicher The Fluorescence of Cometary OH and CN
1983 J. P. Norris A study of the temporal and spectral characteristics of gamma ray bursts
1982 S. Krishnaswamy Formation of Dust Lanes in Spiral Galaxies by Radiation Pressure
1981 B. A. Williams The Distribution and HI Properties of Spiral Galaxies in the Direction of the Coma/1367 Supercluster
1981 M. H. Moore Studies of Proton Irradiated Cometary-Type-Ice Mixtures
1981 J. S. Ulvestad Radio Emission and the Forbidden Line Region of Seyfert Galaxies.
1981 R. J. Hanisch Radio Halo Sources in Clusters of Galaxies
1980 W. T. Vestrand On the Role of Cosmic Ray Protons in Two Types of Extragalactic Objects
1980 J. D. McKee X-Ray Clusters of Galaxies
1980 J. T. Karpen On the Origin of Multiply-Impulsive Emission from Solar Flares
1980 A. Manduca The Chemical Abundances and Physical Parameters of RR Lyrae Stars.
1980 C. Y. Cheung The Effects of CNO Abundance Variations and Detailed Boundary Conditions on the Evolution of Globular Cluster Red Giants
1980 P. E. Angerhofer A Morphological Study of Two Unusual Galactic Supernova Remnants
1979 R. P. Sinha Kinematics of HI Near the Galactic Center
1979 G. S. Rossano The Morphology of the Monoceros II and Cepheus IV Star Formation Regions
1979 P. A. Marionni Nebular Diagnostics Indicative of the Evolutionary History of Planetary Nebulae
1978 W. S. Gilmore Radio Continuum Interferometry of Dark Clouds. A Search for Newly Formed HII Regions
1977 L. J. Kaluzienski
(Ph.D. in Physics)
Studies of Transient X-ray Sources with the Ariel 5 All-Sky Monitor
1977 R. A. Perley A Study of a Technique of Pencil Beam Synthesis with a Line Aperture and Its Use in Mapping Giant Radio Galaxies
1977 K. R. Nicolas The application of Si III line intensity ratios to determine the solar transition zone density and pressure
1977 R. H. Cornett The Interaction of Supernova Remnants and Interstellar Clouds Containing Carbon Monoxide
1977 J. B. Carlson Radio Interferometric Investigations of Compact Components in Active Spiral and Seyfert Galaxy Nuclei
1977 L. L. Ma-Sung A Study of the Propagation and Intrinsic Characteristic of Flare-Associated Particle Events
1977 D. Lengyel-Frey Titanium Oxide in Cool Stellar Atmospheres
1977 H. V. Frey Crustal Evolution in the Early Earth: Basin-forming Impacts, Crustal Dichotomy, and Plate Tectonics
1977 P. F. Bowers The Galactic Distributions and Kinematics of the Unidentified Type II OH/IR Stars
1977 C. E. Alissandrakis Six Centimeter Wavelength Observations of Solar Active Regions and Bursts with 6 Arc-Seconds Resolution
1976 L. K. Hutton Fine Structure in 3C 120 and 3C 84
1976 B. C. Brown The Orbits of the Galilean Satellites of Jupiter
1976 P. E. Hardee The Generation of Pulsed Emission from Rotating Neutron Stars by Plasma Streaming Instabilities
1976 J. J. Cowan Nucleosynthesis in Red Giant Stars
1976 P. D. Jackson Galactic Structure and Kinematics in the Centaurus Region of the Milky Way
1976 L. A. Dreiling Model Atmospheres for Sirius and Procyon
1975 R. E. Clegg Carbon and Nitrogen Abundances in F and G-Type Stars
1975 G. L. Mader The Relative Positions of the OH and H2O Astrophysical Masers
1975 A. S. Milman Carbon Monoxide Emission from Interstellar Dust Clouds
1975 R. H. Becker High Resolution Radio Observations of Supernova Remnants
1974 A. H. Karp Hydrodynamic Models of a Cepheid Atmosphere
1974 N. R. Vandenberg Meter-Wavelength Observations of Pulsars Using Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry
1974 E. J. Grayzeck Investigation of the Spiral Structure of the Crux-Centaurus Circinus-Norma Region of the Milky Way by Means of Long-Period Cepheids
1974 J. M. Luhmann Balloon observations of low energy electrons and the solar modulation of cosmic rays in interplanetary space
1974 S. L. Knapp A Description of the Cassegrain Amplitude Interferometer and disk Diameter for Five Late-Type Giant Stars
1974 G. L. Hammond The Chemical Composition and Effective Temperatures of Metallic Line White Dwarfs
1974 T. E. Gergely Decameter Storm and Type IV Radiation
1973 M. R. Viner A 26.3 MHz Radio Source Survey with an Absolute Flux Scale
1973 R. A. LeFande Atmospheric Absorption and Emission of Microwave -Radiation
1973 B. M. Krupp A New Analysis of the System of CH and the Carbon Twelve/Carbon Thirteen Ratio in Arcturus
1973 W. L. Upson CNO Abundances in the Sun and Arcturus and the 12C/13C Ratio in Arcturus
1973 T. Velusamy Polarization of Supernova Remnants at Centimeter Wavelengths
1973 T. B. Kuiper An Analysis of Type III Burst Positions
1972 R. K. Riddle A Study of a Region in Monoceros
1972 J. G. Lyon Thermal Stability in Planetary Nebulae
1972 S. Y. Liu Fine Structure of the Solar Chromosphere
1972 J. W. Fowler Line-Blanketed Model Stellar Atmospheres Applied to Sirius
1972 F. J. Ahern A Polarization Fourier Spectrometer: Design, Construction and Astronomical Observations
1972 R. B. Tully The Kinematics and Dynamics of M51
1972 J. R. Fisher Design Tests of the Fully Steerable, Wideband, Decametric Array at the Clark Lake Radio Observatory
1972 G. R. Knapp High Frequency Resolution HI Line Observations of Interstellar Dust Clouds
1972 R. H. Harten A Study of Neutral Hydrogen Gas Motion Within Spiral Arms and in the Local Region
1971 W. T. Sullivan Microwave Radiation of Water Vapor in Galactic Sources
1971 D. M. Gottlieb Abundances in K Giant Stars
1971 A. Sandquist Lunar Occultations of the Galactic Center Region in HI, OH and CH2O Lines
1971 T. Kelsall Multi-Color Photometry of Supergiants and Cepheids
1971 D. Chesters The Dispersion of Gravitational Radiation
1970 D. K. Yeomans Non-gravitational Forces Affecting the Motion of Comet Giacobini-Zinner
1970 J. D. Curtis A Modification of the Brown-Shook Method Based on Lie Series
1970 W. M. Cronyn Radio Scattering in the Interplanetary Medium
1969 E. C. Silverberg Interplanetary Dust Streams. Observation by Satellite and Lidar
1969 D. J. Mullan The Structure of Hydromagnetic Shocks in Regions of Very Low Ionization
1969 D. R. Branch Solar Magnesium Isotopic Abundance Ratios
1968 A. P. Henderson Large Scale Structure of the Neutral Hydrogen in the Galaxy
1968 R. A. Williamson A Study of Radial Velocities in Diffuse Emission Regions Using a Fabry-Perot Interferometer
1968 B. F. Smith Dynamical Relaxation in Galaxy Formation
1968 J. J. Rickard Optical and Radio Evidence of Large-Scale Peculiar Motions in the Cas-Per Arm
1967 T. S. Smith The Lyman Series of Ionized Helium in the Extreme Ultraviolet Solar Spectrum
1966 Riegel, Kurt W. 21-cm Line Observations of Small Diameter Galactic HII Regions