Astronomy Talks and Events

Welcome to the Astronomy Talks and Events page! Take a look though the following links for information on talks, meetings, and stargazing opportunities! (If you would like to receive weekly announcements listing our upcoming talks, contact us at

Department Talks and Public Lectures

NASA-Goddard Colloquia & Seminars

(Note that a security badge is required to enter the grounds of NASA/Goddard.)

Other Notable Lecture Series


In addition to the regular public Open House sessions (see above), the UMD Observatory also holds other public programs such as New Telescope Owner Nights, Learn the Sky Nights and special observing sessions. Details are posted on the Observatory webpages.

The department also participates in the annual campus wide open house called Maryland Day. We hope to see you there!

Astronomy Meetings

The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre maintains a database of worldwide astronomy meetings.

Past Department Events

Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science & Technology II    Joint Space-Science Center    Two intriguing investigations -- One flight-proven spacecraft    UMd Astronomy-Cote d'Azur Observatory Scientific Cooperation and Academic Exchange