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Alexander Moiseev Name:Alexander Moiseev
Title:Research Scientist
Phone:(301) 286-5581

Research Interests: High Energy Astrophysics (high energy gamma- and cosmic rays, cosmic Antimatter and Dark Matter), Experimental Techniques in Particle Physics. Education: Ph.D. in 1985 from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Russia Ongoing Research Projects:
  • Gamma-ray Observatory Fermi LAT . Co-I, lead scientist for Anti-Coincidence subsystem. Main scientific interest: high energy cosmic ray electrons.
  • Balloon-borne Experiment Superconducting Solenoid (BESS) to search for cosmic ray antimatter (antiprotons, anti-deuterium, anti-helium) . Co-I
  • CALET (Japan-US high energy cosmic ray spectrometer for International Space Station) . Co-I
  • Orbiting Astrophysical Spectrometer in Space (OASIS) . NASA Astrophysics Strategic Mission Concept Studies Proposal. Co-I

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