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Eliza Kempton Name: Eliza Kempton
Title: Associate Professor
Room: PSC 1111
Phone: (301) 405-3615
E-mail: ekempton
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I am an exoplanet astronomer who specializes in modeling the spectral signatures of exoplanet atmospheres. Such spectra are our main observational means of probing the chemistry, thermal structures, and dynamics of planetary atmospheres beyond our solar system. My research interests span a wide range of exoplanets from hot Jupiters, to mini-Neptunes, to temperate terrestrial worlds.

I am especially motivated by observationally-oriented questions, and my theoretical modeling work is often focused toward making predictions and interpretations relevant to observational data. I also occasionally dabble in observational endeavors myself.

The Kempton research group includes members who work on various aspects of the exoplanet atmosphere modeling problem — e.g. radiative transfer in 1-D and 3-D geometries, photochemistry, cloud and haze formation, and spectroscopic retrievals. We have a particular interest in developing and working with codes that were designed to be flexible and adaptable to the wide diversity of exoplanets that populate our galaxy.

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