Astronomy 498N: Stellar Evolution

This brief syllabus is preliminary and subject to change, but should give you an idea
of the content of this course.
--- Syllabus ---

Problem Set No. 1

Problem Set No. 1 - solutions

Problem Set No. 2

Problem Set No. 2 - solutions

Problem Set No. 3

Problem Set No. 3 - solutions

Problem Set No. 4

Problem Set No. 4 - solutions

Notes on Stellar Rotation

Computer Exercise

Source code: zam.f
Binaries: zam_linux.exe.... zam_Mac.exe.... zam_PC.exe
Other tools ...

On John Lattanzio's web page (Monash University, Australia)
you can find some great Stellar Evolution Movies.

There is an open source, state-of-the-art stellar evolution program that you can compile
and run on your Mac or Linux box. The project is called
"Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics" (MESA). Get it at: MESA

Two published papers (2011 and 2013) give the details of these complex programs.
Paper I.
Paper II.