Research Interests

My work has mostly been about high-energy processes associated with neutron stars and black holes. I have put together an informal guide to neutron star physics, so check it out and tell me what I should do differently!

Here is a copy of my curriculum vitae in PostScript and PDF.

Here are links to my papers on ADS (or just my refereed articles) and astro-ph

Most of those articles are mine, but there are a lot of M. Millers around!

For reprints etc., see my Scientific Publications.

In (roughly) reverse chronological order the subjects about which I've written papers are:

Details can be obtained by accessing the relevant abstracts from the astro-ph or ADS links given above. I am also proud of my former graduate students Jamie Cohen, Vanessa Cohen, Megan DeCesar, Mike Gill, Kayhan Gultekin, and Dheeraj Pasham.

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