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RPL Shell: A Stack-based Numerical Shell

RPLsh screen shot

Author: Kevin P. Rauch, University of Maryland

Download the latest release of RPL Shell.

RPL Shell (RPLsh) is an interactive numerical shell ("calculator") designed to combine the convenience of a hand-held calculator with the computational power and advanced numerical functionality of a workstation. The user interface is modeled after stack-based scientific calculators such as those made by Hewlett-Packard®, but includes many features not found in hand-held devices, such as a multi-threaded kernel with job control, integrated extended precision floating-point arithmetic, a large library of special functions, and a dynamic, resizable window display. (RPL is the name of the Forth-like programming language used in the HP-48/49 series.) As a native C/C++ application, it is over 1000 times faster than HP-48 emulators (e.g., Emu48) in simple benchmarks; for extended precision numerical analysis, its performance can exceed that of Mathematica® by similar amounts. RPLsh is a work in progress; current development focuses on expanding programming and object support.

An overview document (somewhat outdated) is also available. Feel free to contact me regarding questions or problems you may have with RPLsh.

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