Sunrise on Mt. Whitney

Overlooking Bishop Pass Curriculum Vitae

I am an astrophysicist with the Millimeter Wave Astronomy group in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. Additional information on my professional interests is available in Research.

My hobbies include hiking and backpacking, nature photography, coin collecting, mythology, tennis, weightlifting, and just generally playing around with numbers (the more transcendental the better).

I grew up in a semi-rural area of Pennsylvania and as a rule would rather be outside at any given moment. This is balanced by the need for gainful employment. Nonetheless, I do find it rather ironic that as an astrophysicist one spends countless hours studying the universe while sitting holed up in an 8' by 10' office. Mother Nature can be trying, but happily she never ceases to fascinate!

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Some self-portraits from my human-powered explorations of Terra Firma.

[Background image: moonrise over Joshua Tree National Park.]

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