6. Using NEMO


The nemo_start.(c)sh file needs to be sourced to set up your shell environment for using NEMO.

In order to use NEMO, you will need to modify your shell environment, for example in the bash (or zsh) shell this could be

source /opt/nemo/nemo_start.sh

assuming NEMO was installed in /opt/nemo/, and

source /opt/nemo/nemo_start.csh

for users of a csh like shell. Normally this line would be added to your ~/.bashrc or /.cshrc file.

After this the following commands should work for you

tsf --help
man tsf

6.1. Updating NEMO

Although a full update is out of scope for the discussion here, a common case is when a program is not available, or a collaborator had made a new or updated program available via github. The following procedure generally works, assuming you have write permission in the $NEMO directory tree:

mknemo -u tsf
mknemo -h
man mknemo
tsf --help

and an updated version should now be available. Check the value of the VERSION= value in the output of --help of the recompiled program, or use the help=h for a bit more help even.

Writing NEMO program programs is covered in Programmers Guide, or see also Installation.