Sylvain Veilleux
Sylvain Veilleux

Department of Astronomy & Joint Space-Science Institute

University of Maryland, College Park

Supermassive black hole - starburst - galaxy connection at low and high redshifts

- Quasar/ULIRG Evolution STudy (QUEST) and follow-up projects: summary (2012) and a selection of papers
- Deep Wide-Field Surveys of Emission-Line Galaxies with MMTF & NEWFIRM

Impact of feedback on galaxy evolution and the intracluster medium

- ARAA review on galactic winds (2005)
- Discovery of warm molecular gas in the wind of M82 (2009) & Other objects (2013)
- Discovery of intertwined filaments in cluster Abell 1795 (2009) & Other objects (2010) & (2011)
- Discovery of a powerful wide-angle neutral outflow in quasar Mrk 231 (2011) & Other objects (2013)
- Discovery of a massive cooling flow in the core of a highly luminous galaxy cluster (2012) & (2013) & (2014)
- ALMA Observations of the Starburst-Driven Molecular Wind in NGC 253 (2013)
- Fast Molecular Outflows in Nearby Mergers: Evidence for Quasar Feedback from Hershel (2013)
- Spatially Resolved Molecular Outflow in a Buried QSO (2013)
- Deep Spectral Mapping of the Hot Circumgalactic Nebula around the Quasar Mrk 231 (2014)
- Wind from the Black-Hole Accretion Disk Driving a Molecular Outflow in an Active Galaxy (2015)

Instrumentation for ground-based optical and infrared telescopes and beyond

- MMTF: Maryland - Magellan Tunable Filter (Baade 6.5m)
- NEWFIRM: NOAO Extremely Wide-Field Infrared Mosaic (NOAO 4m)
- RIMAS: Rapid infrared IMAger - Spectrometer (DCT 4.3m)
- MOHSIS: Maryland OH Suppression Integral Field System (Astrophotonics, DCT 4.3m)
- KPS: Keck Photonic Spectrometer (Astrophotonics, visitor instrument) [press release]
- Astrophotonics: general