ASTR 220 Collisions in Space

Spring 2005

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule

You may contact Dr. Hayes-Gehrke at or x5-5099.

You may contact Elyse Casper at or x5-1566.


May 16, 2005: Course grades have been submitted to UMEG. You may call me tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday to inquire about your grade. I should be generally around my office tomorrow from 9am - 2pm and 3 - 4pm. My office phone number is x5-5099. If you want to see your final exam, call or email and arrange an appointment with me. --Dr. Hayes-Gehrke

May 10, 2005: Dr. Hayes-Gehrke will be holding extra office hours before the final:

You should be able to enter the CSS building on Sunday, but if you are stuck outside, call Dr. Hayes-Gehrke's office at 301-405-5099 to be let in.

May 5, 2005: The final exam is on Monday, May 16, 2005, from 8 - 10am. It is in room CSS 2400. The test material will be about 1/3 new material (since the quiz) and 2/3 older material, including Night Comes to the Cretaceous. The format of the final will be 40% multiple choice, 30% short answer/problem solving, and 30% essays. Constants c, G, pi, Hubble constant will be provided for you. You should bring a calculator.

May 2, 2005: Please fill out the online course evaluation given by the university.

April 26, 2005: Homework 8 has been handed out. The last problem of Homework 8 requires you to run a java applet called GalCrash. TEST OUT THIS APPLET ON THE COMPUTER YOU PLAN TO USE! If you can't run it on your computer, you can come use an Astronomy Department computer at these times: Friday, April 29, 2-3pm, or Monday, May 2, 1-2pm. If you need to use the astronomy computers, come to Dr. Hayes-Gehrke's office, CSS 1233.

April 7, 2005: Flow chart of high mass stellar evolution from lecture today.

April 5, 2005: Flow chart of low mass stellar evolution from lecture today.

March 31, 2005: Diagram of solar thermostat from lecture today.

March 15, 2005: Error in HW 4 solutions handed out in class. In #3, part b, the age should be 2.5 billion years. This error is fixed in the solutions on the web page.

February 24, 2005: Classes are cancelled today because of the snowstorm. The slides from today's class are located here: Lecture 9. You should read through the slides, but since we won't have a chance to discuss them in class, this material will not be emphasized on the midterm. In addition, Homework 3 is still due on Tuesday, March 1, 2005, in class; you have all the information you need to complete it.

February 17, 2005: We have a new TA, Elyse Casper. Her office is CSS 0228, and her phone number is x5-1566. Her email address is Her office hours are Wed 12 - 2pm, or email her for an appointment.


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