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June 2019

Issue 91



Launch of Physics Open - a broad scope physics open access journal


Elsevier has been getting ready for a future where gold open access (OA) is bound to grow in importance and may even become the default business model in academic publishing, at least for certain countries. Initiatives like the recently presented Plan S, which aims to have all scientific publications that result from research funded by public grants published in compliant open access journals or platforms by January 2020 - show that this landscape could change rapidly the coming years.


For this reason, Elsevier is launching a new broader scoped open access journal in physics, titled Physics Open (PHYSO; https://www.journals.elsevier.com/physics-open). The novelty behind the concept of the journal is that the Editorial Board will consist of a mix of a selection of current subscription journal Editors and new Editors. Appointing existing Editors from reputable subscription journals ensures a close connection between the new journal and the associated subscription journals, thereby providing the journal with some instant credibility and reliability.


For an overview of the full editorial board, please see here: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/physics-open/editorial-board . For JQSRT, Michael Mishchenko, Pinar Menguc and Iouli Gordon have accepted a position on board of Physics Open as handling Editor, and they will continue to stay on board of JQSRT as well.


The journal is open for submissions from this week onwards. The press release has just been postedhere: 



Physics Open is explicitly not intended to be a lower quality, open access cascade journal for our physics subscription (partner) journals. It will reside next to these partner journals, with no other intention than offering the option to publish gold OA for those authors who wish / are required to do so, and publishing the same quality of articles as our subscription journals do.


An Editor of a partner journal will be able to transfer papers to Physics Open through the usual Article Transfer Service when a paper is out of scope of the partner journal but has yet sufficient quality to be published in Physics Open, or when the authors wish to use the gold OA option. The new journal will also be open for direct submissions.


Elsevier offers a discounted Article Processing Fee for the journal: USD 975 for the first 12 months, USD 1450 for the subsequent 12 months. After that, the full APC of USD 1950 will be charged.


All in all, Physics Open will cater for the growing gold open access demands, and offer a solution for authors who want to publish in a reputable journal and gold open access at the same time.




This is a friendly reminder that the submission of the abstracts for APOLO-2019 is open till July 1. 


All information can be found at: http://www-loa.univ-lille1.fr/workshops/APOLO-2019/ Note, that the list of invited speaker has been updated. 


APOLO-2019 is the 2nd Conference on "Advancement of POLarimetric Observations: instruments, calibration, and improved aerosol and cloud retrievals that will take place on 4-7 November 2019 in Lille, France.


We will be delighted to see you among speakers and attendees of APOLO-2019.


APOLO Conveners Committee: Oleg Dubovik, Zhengqiang Li, Michael Mishchenko, Jerome Riedi, Pierre Tabary, Hal Maring, Bojan Bojkov




Dear colleagues,


We have currently an open position in EUMETSAT in the Cloud and Aerosol team within the Remote Sensing Product Division. This is to work on the polarimetric mission 3MI on EPS-SG, for both level-1 and level-2 aspects. Here is the associated vacancy notice (VN 19/24). https://www.eumetsat.int/website/home/AboutUs/Jobs/Vacancies/index.html


Dr. Bertrand Fougnie Remote Sensing Scientist, Cloud and Aerosol Team Leader,

Remote Sensing Product Division EUMETSAT

Eumetsat-allee 1 https://maps.google.com/?q=Eumetsat-allee+1&entry=gmail&source=g , D-64295 Darmstadt, Germany

Tel: +49 6151 807-7604



Two postdoc and one graduate student position at the University of Jena.


The positions are part of Research Unit on Debris Disks in Planetary Systems: Understanding Observations with Theory and Laboratory, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). A detailed description of the positions can be found here: https://www.astro.uni-jena.de/FOR2285 and more details about the postdoc positions are also here: https://jobregister.aas.org/ad/d3026edf


Dr. Alexander V. Krivov

Astrophysical Institute and University Observatory, Friedrich Schiller University

Schillergaesschen 2-3, 07745 Jena, GERMANY

Tel: +49 3641 947 530 (direct), 526 (secretary) Fax: +49 3641 947 512

krivov@astro.uni-jena.de , www.astro.uni-jena.de/~krivov



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