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Baseball Prospectus
*touch* 'em all
Baseball Think Factory
The Hardball Times
The Baseball Analysts
FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Football analysis and NFL stats for the Moneyball era
Dan Agonistes
The Cheater’s Guide to Baseball Blog
Baseball, Cheating, and Rules discussion at the author’s blog for the Cheater’s Guide to Baseball
Plunk Biggio
Baseball Musings
description goes here

Fantasy Sports

ESPN Fantasy Games
UVA baseball
Marcus Baseball
Astronomy Football
UVA Football



Deep Impact

Deep Impact Planned Observations: Home
Deep Impact Internal Science Site @ UM
NASA/Kennedy Space Center Multimedia Gallery


Classical Mechanics

Physics 601: Theoretical Dynamics
Compilation of Goldstein Solutions
Physics Problems, Classical Mechanics, Goldstein
PHY 820: Classical Mechanics
School of Physics Fall 2001 Courses: 6101Classical Mechanics I
Physics 205, Fall 2001
Classical Mechanics Homework
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Compilation of Marion and Thornton Solutions

Planetary Science
Numerical Methods


The NEO Page
Workshop on Scientific Requirements for Mitigation of Hazardous Comets and Asteroids
DPS Home Page

Saas-Fee 2005

Saas-Fee 2005
"The Scattered Ones" - Murren, Switzerland (35th Saas-Fee advanced course)
(a part of) The scattered ones on their trip back...


Research Opportunities In Space Science - 2002
Scientific Frontiers in Extrasolar Planets
2002 Astronomy Job Rumor Central
Astrophysics Jobs Rumor Mill
Kitt Peak National Observatory
"Naked Eye" Comets to Streak Into View Within Days
Explanation of Orbital Element
The STScI Digitized Sky Survey
UM - KPNO Summer School '04
PDSSBN October 2004 Comet Data Review
Calculation of the errors
The European Homepage For The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope - Projects
Aladin Service
WebHome < AstroUMD < TWiki
FIND_ORB Orbit determination software
NSPIRES - Solicitations Summary
STEREO - Members
Interactive 2MASS Image Service
IRSA: The Infrared Science Archives
The STScI Digitized Sky Survey
BBSNews - Comet Tempel 1's Encounter with Deep Impact
PDSSBN Fall 2005 Comet Data Review
My Solwind Comets
SolarSoft - Description, Last Revision: 14-October-1999
Dust_in_cometary_comae_v13.ppt (application/ Object)
Temple 1 IR observations
BASS2000: Solar spectrum
Solar Spectral Irradiance: Wehrli 1985 AM0 Spectrum
Comets II Downloadable Files
NSO/KP: Instruments at the MP Facility
Catalog of Transits of Mercury
The Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program
ESA Science & Technology: SOHO Keyhole Operations

IDL, Latex & SM

Latex guide
Manipulating Figures in LaTeX2e
Help On LaTeX Commands
Extended IDL Help
Markwardt IDL
IDL Astrolib
Guide to awk
SolarSoft - Description, Last Revision: 14-October-1999
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
How to Create 3D Axes in IDL
HTML Forms - HTML Code Tutorial
CRECON.COM Banner, Button, and Logo Creator

Comet Resources

USNO Image and Catalogue Archive
HORIZONS Web-Interface
Comet Names 1999
Comet Names 2000
Comet Names 2001
Comet Names 2002
Comet Names 2003
Comet Names 2004
Comet Names 2005
Comet Names 2006
Periodic Comet Names List


NOAO Deep Wide-Field MOSAIC Reduction Proceedures
Kitt Peak National Observatory


LASCO/SOHO Coronagraph Home Page
SOHO Sungrazers
SOHO Science Operations Plan
PDSSBN October 2004 Comet Data Review

ADS Custom Query Form Tue Dec 5 18:44:24 2000
Elements & Ephemerides: Observable Comets
Recent MPECs
Directory listing of /n/pds/circulars


Dave Matthews Band

The Dave Matthews Band Setlist Warehouse
Dave Matthews Band Mailing List Website
w a r e h o u s e

Pat McGee Band
The John Mayer Trading Page
USE: new search
Lycos Music | Listen and Buy
DMB coverart
Andrew Winn
Copyright Supplement
Copying Music to CD: The Right, the Wrong, and the Law
NIGHTCLUB 9:30 - 815 V ST. N.W.
w a r e h o u s e
CD MAP Settlement
CD Class Action Settlement
becky ::
Achilles Last Stand :: Reference :: Other Led Zep Sites
Live In Our Graves.Org - Home



Retrosheet - Major League Baseball Statistics and History
Baseball Graphs
Will Carroll Weblog: Pedro
The Baseball Archive Bringing the History of Baseball to the Web
Doug Pappas's Business of Baseball Pages
Baseball Think Factory


DugoutDollars - Boston Red Sox - Salaries
Doug Pappas's Business of Baseball Pages
Major League Baseball Player Contracts
2005- 2006 Free Agency and Arbitration
Cot's Baseball Contracts
The Biz of Baseball - 2007 Arbitration Figures


NCAA Odds - NCAA Betting Odds
2004 NCAA Tournament Odds - Gaming: ncaa football sports betting line - College Basketball Rating Percentage Index (RPI)
University of Virginia Cavaliers Official Athletic Site
WAFC Home Page
American Women's Baseball League
Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT: Abstracts From The Abstracts
On The Road With Pat Neshek
The Biz of Baseball - Home
Sabermetric Research: Can we measure player improvement over the decades?
The Mid-Majority: Truth, justice and college basketball since 2004.
Power Rankings and Ratings - NCAA Basketball, College Football, NFL, NBA and more : Mike Greenfield's Team Rankings
College Basketball Las Vegas Odds, Betting Lines and Point Spreads at, The Leader in Sportsbook and Gaming Information - College Basketball Las Vegas Odds, NCAA Basketball Las Vegas Odds, College Basketball Las Vegas Lines, NCAA Basketball Las Vegas Lines


Europe Travel

Casa Mundo
Eurores - Euro Reservation System - Hotels, B&B, Hostels, Country Houses, Apartments in Italy, locate addresses and local services in Europe
Hotel Reservation Worldwide - Booking Status
LaGuardia Airport - Port Authority of NY & NJ - AVIATION
Paris Hotels | Faubourg Hotel Paris France
Hotel Trieste Milan
Euro Hostel in Rome, Italy
hotel Cassis
Hotel Richard Hostel in Paris, France
Hotel le Faubourg in Paris, France
Hotel Trieste in Milan, Italy, Europe
Villa Pantheon - Paris , FR - Hotel Discounts at Villa Pantheon - Hotel Information
Villa Pantheon - Paris France Hotels -
Hotel Olimpia - Florence, IT - Hotel Discounts at Hotel Olimpia - Hotel Information
Jolly Hotel Florence - Florence, IT - Hotel Discounts at Jolly Hotel Florence - Hotel Information
UNA Hotel Vittoria - Florence, IT - Hotel Discounts at UNA Hotel Vittoria - Hotel Information
Astoria, A Boscolo First Class Hotel - Florence, IT - Hotel Discounts at Astoria, A Boscolo First Class Hotel - Hotel Information
Tulip Inn Globus - Rome , IT - Hotel Discounts at Tulip Inn Globus - Hotel Information
Hotel Morgana - Rome , IT - Hotel Discounts at Hotel Morgana - Hotel Information


Rome hostel,Rome youth hostels ,Rome hostel cheap hotel discount hotel
OSTELLI on-line
Rome Hotels - Rome Italy Hotel Reservations


Milan hostel,Milan backpacker hostels,Milan discount hotel hostels
La Residenza Hotel Milan - Discount Reservations
OSTELLI on-line
Milan Hotels - Milan Italy Hotel Reservations
Hotel Trieste in Milan, Italy


Paris Hotel: homepage
Hôtel le Central PARIS : Hotel PARIS
Hotel Richard Hostel in Paris, France
Hotel Richard Hostel in Paris, France
Hotel Camelia International Hostel in Paris, France
Le Regent Montmartre Hostel in Paris, France
Book a Hotel in Paris, France
France Hotels : Paris Hotel Search
Search Results

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Las Vegas Hotels and Las Vegas Shows -
Boardwalk Hotel and Casino: Las Vegas Strip


Zion National Park (National Park Service)
Bryce Canyon National Park (National Park Service)
Zion National Park
Bryce Canyon Country Lodging - Bryce Area
Springdale Utah Lodging
Welcome to Terrace Brook Lodge located only one mile from Zion National Park
Bryce View Lodge - Bryce Canyon Lodging - Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Airlines Frequent Flyer Miles

United MileagePlus Mall
MP Dining & Hotel Rewards - Homepage
Northwest Airlines

France Youthpass
Vacations in southern France near Perpignan
Welcome to Graves Mountain
White Oak Canyon Hike
White Oak Canyon and Falls of the Shenandoah National Park
Welcome to the Torre Argentina site!
Mobissimo Travel | Search airfare
Save up to 70% on last minute travel deals! -
Holiday apartment in Somerset, West Country
Monterey Salinas Airbus provides exclusive, inexpensive, scheduled bus and minivan service to and from SFO and SJC international airports from the Monterey Peninsula


State Farm
REI Visa

Video Games

FAQs: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Walkthrough/FAQ (PS2) at SportPlanet part of the Gamespy Network
PS2 DRE Class Action
Consumer Class Actions Personal Injury Attorney Galex Tortoreti and Tomes New Jersey Lawyer Medical Malpractice Toxic Torts Autism Mercury Poisoning Thimerosal Rhogam Vaccines Workers Compensation Law
Final Fantasy X - FAQs & Guides - GameFAQs
The Essential 50 Archives from 1UP.COM
TMK | Reference | Records | Super Mario Kart
IGN's Top 100 Games
WCP2 Support


Student Tickets
UM Libraries
University of Maryland Electronic Forms - Home
Graduate Student Government - University of Maryland
University of Maryland Police, College Park, Maryland
Graduate Research Interaction Day - GRID 2004
The Dirty Snowballs
ACT - Academic Computers for Terps

Edit domain
Arlington County Circuit Court Web Site

Random stuff

astrowahoo - Astrowahoo - a life 
Fatali Gallery - Fatali Gallery
The Infinite Cat Project - Cats watching cats watching cats. Hey! It's a concept!
Your Wedding Webpage - The Knot
PhantomPlate: Manufactures and sells License Plate Covers and Photo Spray, to defeat Photo Radar, Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras. Avoid traffic tickets in the mail.
Diploma Frames: University of Maryland - Quality products and services to college campuses, students and parents.
Flo Watch
Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
POVCOMP 2004: Hall of Fame
Teach English in China, Teach, Travel, Study, Live in China Learn English
The Coso Artifact: Mystery from the Depths of Time
Ica stones
The South African Spheres
World Mysteries - Strange Artifacts - Piri Reis Map
TokenArcade - Add Like MadPuzzle
Unclaimed Property Search - Start
RiskOdds Input Form
Google Trends Coupon Codes for, Coupons and Discounts -
ANSMET - The Antarctic Search for Meteorites - Publish your book today
XP Laser Sport, Lasertag and Arcade in Laurel, Maryland - Experian Credit Manager
JeffandKate | Our Trip | Travel Blog
Equifax Personal Solutions: Credit Reports, Credit Scores, Protection Against Identity Theft and more
TransUnion Coupons - Restaurant Coupon Codes @
Astronomy Edition Monopoly
AIM | Express
Index of /~stacyt
The Washington Post Subscriber Services: The Place to subscribe or manage your newspaper subscription


Web Sudoku
Chicago Sun-Times
LA Times
Washington Post

astrophysicsjobs - Astrophysics Job Rumor Wiki
XPA Access Points
ACC BasketBlog
SB Identification
Big Ten Wonk - a hoops blog by john gasaway
Shop for Miele vacuum cleaners - canister & upright vacuums - Miele appliances at
Willett Vacuum
Citizen K Street: How Lobbying Became Washington's Biggest Business |
Longcase Clock Reference Book
RiskOdds Input Form
My Simple Humans and Me
World Soccer Shop - soccer jerseys, soccer shoes, soccer balls
World Soccer Shop is the world's premier soccer jersey store. Tremendous selection of soccer jerseys, soccer shoes, soccer balls, and more. Soccer jerseys available for all the top clubs including Chelsea FC, Real Madrid, Manchester United, FC Barcelona, and more.
FITS Tester Page Product: 'Live CD/DVD (Limited Edition)'
MapleMusic is a unique music site for fans of Canadian music. MapleMusic is where you'll find information and news on Canadian music and musicians. The site offers feature articles, video interviews, free MP3s, streaming audio as well as hard-to-find merchandise and CDs. MapleMusic, the Spirit of Canadian Music.
any illimitable star
Knowledge Problem
Orbit Determination for Dummies! Another hillbilly tutorial.
Orbit Determination for Dummies! Another hillbilly tutorial. Astrophysics
determining orbits from R.A., Dec, & time Text - Physics Forums Library
[Archive] determining orbits from R.A., Dec, & time Astrophysics - NBA Basketball Statistics, Draft, Awards, and History
NBA Statistics for each player, team, and league in pro basketball history.
stereohunter : STEREO Comet Hunters
stereohunter: STEREO Comet Hunters
Julian Date Converter
further up and farther in
STEREO Science Center : /data/ins_data/secchi/L0/