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This page is the repository for everything that didn't make it somewhere else.

Dirty Snowballs IM Sports

The Dirty Snowballs are the Astronomy Department IM sports teams. Since I'm the captain I chose a fun planetary science related name. If you want to support the team, you can buy my jersey here. If you want a personalized one I'll make it for you. An old post-doc, Chul Gwon, used to run our Dirty Snowballs webpage. I've archived it here, although somehow his original page still exists here.

Department Pools

Here are some of the department pools I have run in the past:
2007 Men's NCAA Tournament
2006 Men's NCAA Tournament
2004 Men's NCAA Tournament
2003 Men's NCAA Tournament
As part of my "Grand Poohbah" duties, I also ran pools in 2001, 2002, and 2005 but those are not available online. There was also "Prospective Pickem" for a few years, but that had to be discontinued after a prospective found it...

Other stuff

Here's what happened to my office when I went to London in January 2003 (my desk is behind the wall).