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Unix Commands

enscript -2r [filename]prints 2 pages per side (4 pages per piece of paper)
[control] + [middle mouse button]"vt options" (ie. enable scroll bar on xterm)
tar xvf [filename]unpacks a tarred file
tar cvf [filename.tar] [files to include]tars files together into new file
latex *.tex
latex *.tex
dvips -f *.dvi > *.ps
compiles a latex document, writes it to a postscript file.
NOTE: I have now aliased this to "latex2ps.csh [filename]"
dvipdf -f *dvi > *.pdfwrites a latex document to a pdf file
du -kprints disk usage and usage in subdirectories
du -ksprints disk usage in kilobytes
du -mprints disk usage in megabytes
du -hprints disk usage in "human readable" format
whoamitells who is currently logged in
finger [user name]gives an update of the user (last login, email, etc...)
dateprints the date and time
ln -s [target] [alias]makes a link called alias to the target
source .cshrc
source .alias
refreshes .cshrc and/or .alias files
which [command]gives information about command
mpeg_play -dither ppm [filename]splits mpeg into individual .ppm frames
mpeg_encode mpeg.parcombines frames into .mpg movie using specifications in mpeg.par
xsanescanning program
xv -root -max -quit /home/mmk8a/picture.jpg [put it in .xinitrc file]set a picture for your background
pstogif []convert *.ps file to *.gif file. Works on Venus.
df -hshows the amount of space used/available on Linux machines
command to run open office/star office
grep 'some text' -n [file name(s)]search for string 'some text' in file(s), print line number of matches
lpr -Pastroc [filename]print color pages
NOTE: Must be logged into Earth.
scp *.pro files via SCP
ps -u mmk8acheck processes running by mmk8a
growisofs -Z /dev/scd0 -R -J PATHburn a DVD where PATH is the location of the data and /dev/scd0 is the address of the DVD drive **NOTE: make sure to close all CD player programs first or you will make a coaster!**
growisofs -Z /dev/scd0=image.isoburn a DVD of an iso image **NOTE: make sure to close all CD player programs first or you will make a coaster!**
cat [file name(s)] > [new file]concatenate file(s) into one big file
flac -d [files]decode flac files to wavs
plaympeg [file]plays mpeg movies
/local/skel/moveresets all .* files and moves all old .* files to .*.SAV
convert -resize 648 pic.jpg newpic.jpg
convert -resize 648x486 pic.jpg newpic.jpg
resizes image pic.jpg to specified size (if only one specified it's the horizontal size) and writes it as newpic.jpg
books [search term(s)]Searches the UMD astronomy library catalog
more /local/mail/graduatesShows who is included on the graduates email distribution
more /proc/cpuinfoShows the processor specs for a machine (ssh onto a different machine to check its specs)
more /etc/hostsShows the department machines and their owners
xv -gsres 200 image.psdisplays a specific resolution in XV (change the number to be better/worse resolution). To change the color map: right click on the image, then make sure the "24/8 Bit" mode is set to 8, then click "Windows" > "Color Editor" and change the colors using the RBG dials. When you're done just save.
xhost +Type this from the local computer if having X11 forwarding problems (then SSH to remote computer) this before the URL of a journal you want to read. You will be prompted for your UM login and then redirected to the journal.
find . -name ''Searches for in the current directory and all lower directories
more /etc/fstabShows which disks are mounted
/info/www/htdocs/users/knight/Location of my webpage on aspen
/info/pub/knight/Location of FTP downloads
/info/incoming/knight/Location of FTP uploads interface