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EDI Committee

Department of Astronomy Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Mission and Code of Conduct

Per the Department of Astronomy's Plan of Organization, the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee responsibilities include but are not limited to:

The Committee is annually appointed by the Department Chair and shall include representation from Tenured/Tenure-track faculty, Professional Track faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Department of Astronomy Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Mission and Code of Conduct: The Department of Astronomy strives to create and uphold a safe, open environment that allows each of its members to grow professionally and contribute to the greater scientific community.

In order to foster such an environment, we firmly reject all forms of discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, race, color, religion, citizenship, language, political affiliation, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, mental or physical disability, physical appearance, veteran status, or age. As a department, we condemn all forms of bullying and harassment, including those based on educational or professional status. Following the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Code of Ethics, we define bullying and harassment to include threatening, humiliating, coercive, or intimidating conduct that causes harm to, interferes with, or sabotages one's professional development or scientific activity.

The department strives to promote clear and transparent policies regarding discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Each member of the department is responsible for maintaining an inclusive climate, with senior members of the department accepting a special responsibility. Furthermore, we strongly encourage each member to take on a proactive role both in understanding social inequalities that are present in our scientific field and work communities-and in our society as a whole-as well as in promoting equity and justice within the field.

Through such actions and responsibilities, we aspire to facilitate an open exchange of ideas and enhance the professional experience of all members and the quality, integrity, and pace of scientific advancement. We expect all members of the department to abide by the AAS Code of Ethics and University of Maryland policies.


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