TERPS Conference

Call For Papers

Meeting Dates: Monday December 6 and Wednesday December 8.

Abstracts due October 27.

Scientific Sessions

Planet Formation and Stability
December 6, 2:10-2:40
Atmospheres and Magnetospheres
December 6, 2:40-3:10
Asteroid and Satellite Dynamics
December 8, 2:00-2:30
Satellite Surfaces
December 8, 2:30-2:50


Talk ID
1.0 Doug Hamilton Welcome to TERPS 2010!
1.1 Jessica Donaldson Simulations of Planet Migration due to Planetesimal Scattering
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
1.2 Maxime Rizzo Dynamical Stability of Multi-Planet Systems: Application to Extrasolar Systems with Mean Motion Resonances
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
1.3 Jonathan Fraine Binary KBO Formation Through Gravitational Instability
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
2.1 Anne Lohfink X-ray Observations of Jupiter
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
2.2 Rodrigo Herrera-Camus The First Dark Spot Detection in the Atmosphere of Uranus: Properties and Comparison with Dark Spots in Neptune
[Abstract] [PPTX Presentation]
2.3 Ashlee Wilkins A 3 Km Atmospheric Boundary Layer on Titan Indicated by Dune Spacing and Huygens Data
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
3.1 Jeehye Han The Yarkovsky effect and interpreting it as a heat engine
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
3.2 Mark Avara Precise constraints on the orbit of Phobos and applications to the physics of body tides
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
3.3 Sara Case Solar and planetary destabilization of the Earth-Moon triangular Lagrangian points
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
4.1 Minjin Baek Formation of Grooved Terrain on Ganymede
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
4.2 Katie Jameson A novel use of fractal analysis to constrain Titan's topography
[Abstract] [PDF Presentation]
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