ASTR 288A, Practical Astrostatistics

How should you analyze astronomical data? In this class we will offer answers to that question, for various statistical tasks, with an emphasis on providing a practical compromise between statistical rigor and realistic use of time and computing resources.

Classes are in ATL 1114 on Mondays, 4:00-4:50 PM.

Policies and course outline

My lecture notes:

The last class (on May 13) will be a free-form discussion of issues and questions that have emerged throughout this class.

Coding exercises and data sets:

For the last three data sets, please use and modify this code, using this data set and this limits file. Here is a guide to how to use the code. Please play with the code! What happens when you change various parameters (e.g., amult, Nmult, dLogl, Nconv)?

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