Nobeyama Radioheliograph Movie

Stephen White

Solar and Stellar Radio Astronomy

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Image Gallery

Radio image of the SunMulti-wavelength images of an active regionThe star AG Carinae in radio wavesThe star Eta Carinae in radio waves

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Radio and optical images of an active regionRadio image of the Carina nebulaHR diagram for stars detected as radio sourcesThe planetary nebula BD+30 3639


The rotating radio sun
Radio movie of the rotating Sun
The flaring radio sun
Radio movie of a flare and prominence eruption on the Sun (0.28 MB)
Radio image of a solar flare
VLA radio movie of a flaring loop (0.5 MB)
Ejection from the Sun
Radio movie of an ejection from the Sun (0.7 MB)
The evolution of Eta Car's radio image with time
Radio movie of star Eta Carinae (0.2 MB)
The evolution of Eta Car's radio image with time
Movie of emergence of a solar active region (0.7 MB)


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