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Curriculum Vitae

A PDF version of my cv [Last updated 10-6-2014 (HTML version is current)]

Personal Information

Name:Matthew M. Knight

U.S. Naval Academy
Department of Physics
572C Holloway Rd
Annapolis, MD 21402
Phone:(410) 293-6658
Fax:(410) 293-3729
Home page:


Graduate: Ph.D. Astronomy, University of Maryland -- 2008 [My dissertation (PDF)] [ADS]
M.S. Astronomy, University of Maryland -- 2003
Undergraduate: B.S. Physics with Distinction, University of Virginia -- 2000

Research Experience

2020-present Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland
2015-2020 Associate Research Scientist, Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland
2012-2015 Assistant Research Scientist, Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ
2008-2012 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ
2002-2008 Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland
1999 REU, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of New Mexico
1998 Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Physics, University of Virginia

Mission Involvement

  1. Comet Interceptor - Co-I, Observations Coordinator, Target Identification Team member (2018-present)
  2. Double Asteroid Redirect Target (DART) - Co-I; member of the Observations and Proximity Imaging Working Groups (2016-present)
  3. Rosetta - Alice UV spectrograph team (2015-2019)

Successful Funding Proposals

  1. "Tools for Next Generation Comet Studies: Comet Narrowband Filters and Analyses of Solar Observatory Data" PI: M. Knight. Role: PI. Commitment: 1.0 mo/yr for 3 yr. Funded by NASA Early Career Fellowship Program, 2020.
  2. "Mining the SOHO and STEREO archives: 20+ years of comet observations" PI: M. Knight. Role: PI. Commitment 3.0-3.6 mo/yr for 3 yr. Funded by NASA Solar System Workings Program, 2018 (from ROSES 2017).
  3. "Observational Characterization of Recurrently Active Main-Belt Comets and Near-Earth Main-Belt Comet Candidates". PI: H. Hsieh. Role: Co-I. Commitment: 1.0-1.5 mo/yr for 3 yr. Funded by NASA Solar System Observations Program, 2018.
  4. "First Contact: Making Sense of 1I/‘Oumuamua and Its Implications" PI: M. Knight. Role: Team Lead. Commitment: Two 1-week meetings for 12-14 scientists. Funded by International Space Science Institute (ISSI), Bern, Switzerland, 2018
  5. "The Nucleus of comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak" PI: T. Farnham. Role: Co-I. Commitment 0.5 mo/yr for 1 year. Funded by Space Telescope Science Institute, 2017.
  6. "Physical and Chemical Studies of Comet Comae and Nuclei" PI: D. Schleicher. Role: Co-I. Commitment 4.0 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Solar System Observations Program, 2017.
  7. "Characterizing the properties of near-Sun objects: the least understood class of PHOs" PI: M. Knight. Role: PI. Commitment: 3.6-4.8 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Near-Earth Object Observation Program, 2016.
  8. "MESSENGER's special delivery: Serendipitous comet science from the inner Solar System" PI: R. Vervack. Role: Co-I. Commitment: 2.0 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Discovery Data Analysis Program, 2015.
  9. "Observational Characterization of Active Main-Belt Comets and Main-Belt Comet Nuclei" PI: H. Hsieh. Role: Co-I. Commitment: 1.5 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Solar System Observations Program, 2015.
  10. "Quantitative Studies of Comet Comae and Nuclei" PI: D. Schleicher. Role: Co-I. Commitment: 6.0 mo/yr for 4 years. Funded by NASA Planetary Astronomy Program, 2013.
  11. "Modeling Jet Morphologies in the Comae of Comets 103P/Hartley 2 and Lulin (2007 N3)" PI: D. Schleicher. Role: Co-I. Commitment: 2.0 mo/yr for 3 yr. Funded by NASA Planetary Atmospheres Program, 2013.
  12. "Imaging Polarimetry of the 2013 Comet ISON with ACS: A Study of the Heterogeneous Coma" PI: D. Hines. Role: Co-I. Commitment: 2.0 mo/yr for 1 year. Funded by Space Telescope Science Institute, 2013.
  13. "Hubble Imaging of the Nucleus of Comet ISON" PI: P. Lamy. Role: Co-I. Commitment: 1.0 mo/yr for 1 year. Funded by Space Telescope Science Institute, 2013.
  14. "The First Pre-Perihelion Nucleus Size Measurement of a Sungrazing Comet, C/2012 S1 (ISON)" PI: J.-Y. Li. Role: Co-I. Commitment: 0.5 mo/yr for 1 year. Funded by Space Telescope Science Institute, 2013.
  15. "The Science of Near-Sun Comets" PI: G. Jones. Role: Co-I. Commitment: support for two 1-week workshops. Funded by International Space Science Institute, 2013.
  16. "Investigations of Comets Observed by SOHO and STEREO" PI: M. M. Knight. Role: PI. Commitment: 4.8 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Outer Planets Research, 2012.
  17. "High Spatial Resolution Photometric Imaging of the Area Around the Nucleus of C/2011 W3 Lovejoy" PI: M. M. Knight. Role: PI. Commitment: 0.75 mo/yr for 1 year. Funded by Space Telescope Science Institute, 2012.
  18. "Finding Interior Earth Objects in STEREO data" PI: C.I. Fuentes. Role: Co-I. Commitment: 0.0 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Near Earth Object Observations Program, 2011.
  19. "Quantitative Analyses of Gas and Dust Coma Morphologies in Comets". PI: D.G. Schleicher. Role: Postdoc. Commitment: 6.6 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Planetary Astronomy Program, 2010.
  20. "Study of Sungrazing Comets Observed by SOHO and STEREO". PI: M.M. Knight. Role: PI. Commitment: 4 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Planetary Mission and Data Analysis Program, 2009.
  21. "Groundbased Cometary Studies". PI: D.G. Schleicher. Role: Postdoc. Commitment: 1.4 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Planetary Astronomy Program, 2008.
  22. "Studies of SOHO Comets". PI: M.F. A'Hearn. Role: Graduate Student. Commitment: 12 mo/yr for 3 years. Funded by NASA Planetary Atmospheres Program, 2005.


  1. Distinguished Research Scientist Prize, Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland (2019)
  2. NASA group achievement award, Rosetta Alice Instrument Team (2017)
  3. Volunteer of the Month, Lakeland Elementary/Middle School, Baltimore, MD (2016)
  4. NASA Planetary Science Division, Early Career Fellow (2015)
  5. NASA group achievement award, MRO Comet Siding Spring Observing Team (2015)
  6. NASA Planetary Science Division citation, Coordinated Investigation of Comets (2014)
  7. Asteroid 25053 Matthewknight named in my honor (2014)
  8. Travel Grant, Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors Meeting (2014)
  9. NASA achievement award, Comet ISON Observing Campaign team (2013)
  10. Gold Prize, Spotlight on Graduate Research Competition, University of Maryland (2007)
  11. Travel Grant, 35th SAAS-Fee Advanced Course (2005)
  12. Center for Teaching Excellence Outstanding Teaching Assistant (2001, 2002)
  13. Department of Astronomy Outstanding Teaching Assistant (2001, 2002)

Invited Talks

  1. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ (December 2017)
  2. University College London, London, UK (January 2017)
  3. Mullard Space Science Center, Surrey, UK (January 2017)
  4. Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, UK (March 2016)
  5. Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, AZ (April 2015)
  6. Universite de Liege, Liege, Belgium (April 2015)
  7. Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), Moscow, Russia (August 2014)
  8. Asteroids, Comets, Meteors Conference (ACM), Helsinki, Finland (July 2014)
  9. Purdue University, Lafayette, IN (April 2014)
  10. Max Planck, Gottingen, Germany (February 2014)
  11. European Space Agency, Noordwijk, Netherlands (February 2014)
  12. University of Toledo, Toledo, OH (February 2014)
  13. Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, AZ (November 2013)
  14. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Colloquium, Greenbelt, MD (October 2013)
  15. Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, CO (May 2013)
  16. Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado Boulder (May 2013)
  17. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Heliophysics Science Division, Greenbelt, MD (April 2013)
  18. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD (November 2012)
  19. Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institute of Washington, Washington D.C. (January 2008, December 2011)
  20. Lowell Observatory, NAU Dept of Physics/Astronomy, US Naval Observatory Joint Colloquium, Flagstaff, AZ (April 2009, June 2013)
  21. NASA Challenger Center, Alexandria, VA (December 2003)

Submitted Publications

  1. Strom, P.A., Bodewits, D., Knight, M.M. and 24 co-authors. Exocomets from a Solar System Perspective. PASP, submitted.
  2. Bannister, M.T., et al. (includes Knight, M.M.). Interstellar comet 2I/Borisov as seen by MUSE: C2, NH2 and red CN detections. ApJL, submitted. [arXiv]

Refereed Publications

References and citation count according to Google scholar. Also my ADS Library [all papers] or [first author], and my ORCID profile.

**Denotes student-led papers on which I was the second author and/or team papers on which I was contacting author. Students are in italics.

  1. Mommert, M., et al. (includes Knight, M.M.). Recurrent Cometary Activity in Near-Earth Object (3552) Don Quixote. PSJ, 1, 12 (10pp). [ADS]
  2. Mommert, M., Trilling, D.E., Hora, J.L., LeJoly, C., Gustafsson, A., Knight, M., Moskovitz, N., Smith, H.A. Systematic Characterization of and Search for Activity in Potentially Active Asteroids. PSJ, 1, 10 (14pp). [ADS]
  3. Battams, K., Knight, M.M., Kelley, M.S.P., Gallagher, B.M., Howard, R.A., Stenborg, G. 2020. Parker Solar Probe Observations of a Dust Trail in the Orbit of (3200) Phaethon. ApJS, 246, 64 (10pp). [arXiv] [ADS]
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Other Publications

  1. Ye, Q.-Z., Farnham, T.L., Knight, M.M., Holt, C.E., Feaga, L.M. 2020. Recovery of Returning Halley-Type Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks With the Lowell Discovery Telescope. RNAAS 4, 7. [arXiv] [ADS]
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  7. Jones, G., Knight, M.M., Fitzsimmons, A., Taylor, M.G.G.T. 2017. Cometary science after Rosetta. Philosophical Transactions A., 375, 20170001 (6 pp). [Phil. Trans. A][ADS]

Circulars and Telegrams

  1. Knight, M., Battams, K. Morphology and photometry of comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) from SOHO. ATEL 13853. [ATEL] [ADS]
  2. Knight, M. M., Holt, C.E., Ye, Q.-Z., Feaga, L.M., Kelley, M.S.P., Shumar, L., Sanborn, J., Hayslip, A. Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks. CBET 4805 [CBAT] (subscription required)
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Refereed Archived Datasets

  1. Knight, M.M. Begun, J., and Bair, A.N., SOHO LASCO Comet Images V2.0. SOHO-C-LASCO-3-DATASET_ID_TBD-V2.0. NASA Planetary Data System, SUBMITTED.
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Published Abstracts and Conference Proceedings

[I have more than 100 published abstracts and conference proceedings. Click here for a full list]

Observing Experience

I have been PI or Co-I on numerous successful external telescope proposals. These are summarized below and listed in detail here.
Hubble Space Telescope 60+ orbits of imaging and spectroscopy of comets in optical and UV wavelengths
Spitzer Space Telescope 29.6 hr imaging comets in thermal-IR wavelengths
Swift 2 orbits imaging comets in UV and optical wavelengths
K2 (Kepler) Campaign 2 optical imaging of a comet
Gemini South Cerro Panchon, Chile: 27.5 hr imaging comets in optical and near-IR wavelengths
Gemini North Mauna Kea, HI: 23.6 hr imaging and spectroscopy of comets in optical and near-IR wavelengths (observations ongoing)
Very Large Telescope (VLT) Paranal, Chile: 0.5 nights + 13.5 hr imaging/spectroscopy of comets in broadband optical
VLT Survey Telescope (VST) Paranal, Chile: 30 hr awarded (9 hr used) imaging comets in broadband optical
Isaac Newton Tel. (INT) La Palma, Spain: 4 nights imaging comets in broadband optical filters
SOAR Cerro Pachon, Chile: 6.5 nights imaging comets and asteroids in broadband optical filters
Discovery Channel Telescope (Lowell 4.3-m) Flagstaff, AZ: 80+ nights imaging comets in broadband optical filters. Data acquired on numerous additional nights by collaborators.
Lowell 42in Flagstaff, AZ: 130+ nights imaging comets in broadband and narrowband optical filters
Lowell 31in (robotic mode) Flagstaff, AZ: 300+ nights imaging comets in broadband and narrowband optical filters
Lowell 72in Flagstaff, AZ: 2 night imaging comets in broadband and narrowband optical filters
KPNO 4m Kitt Peak, AZ: 9 nights surveying for Kreutz sungrazing comets and imaging comets in optical wavelengths
KPNO 2.1m Kitt Peak, AZ: 26 nights imaging comets in optical and near-IR wavelengths
McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope Kitt Peak, AZ: 17 days acquiring spectra of comets and Mercury in optical wavelengths
Las Cumbres Observatory multiple locations: 14 nights imaging comets in optical wavelengths
Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) Mt Graham, AZ: 1 night imaging suspected dead comets. Data acquired on numerous additional nights by collaborators.

Professional Experience

  1. Referee for The Astronomical Journal, The Astrophysical Journal, ApJ Letters, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Icarus, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Nature, Planetary and Space Science, Science [>20 manuscripts since 2008]
  2. Referee for Origins of the Expanding Universe (conference proceedings, 2012)
  3. Mentor, College Park Scholars capstone project (2018)
  4. Member of the jury, Ph.D. defense of Cyrielle Opitom (University of Liege, 2016).
  5. Member of second year project committee, Harrison Agrusa (University of Maryland, 2019).
  6. Review panelist for NASA Discovery Mission, NASA Planetary Atmospheres, NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF), Hubble Space Telescope, Kepler K2, PDS Small Bodies Node
  7. External reviewer for NASA Planetary Atmospheres, NASA Planetary Mission Data Analysis, NASA Outer Planets Research, NASA Origins, NASA Emergy Worlds, CCI International Time Programmes, CFHT CanTAC
  8. Blue team reviewer for NASA Discovery Mission proposal
  9. Team member, Comet Interceptor mission proposal to ESA F-Class call (2018-present)
  10. Member, ZTF Solar System Science Working Group (2017-present)
  11. Member, LSST Solar System Science Collaboration (2016-present)
  12. Reviewer for NASA Frontier Development Lab summer research projects (2017)
  13. Lead, International Space Science Institute (ISSI) International Team for "First Contact: Making Sense of 1I/‘Oumuamua and Its Implications," Bern, Switzerland, November 26-30, 2018 [ISSI]
  14. Member, International Space Science Institute (ISSI) International Team for "Main Belt Comets," Bern, Switzerland, January 9-13, 2017 & Feb 26-Mar 2, 2018. [ISSI]
  15. Member, International Space Science Institute (ISSI) International Team for "The Science of Near-Sun Comets," Bern, Switzerland, March 3-8, 2014 & March 23-27, 2015. [ISSI]
  16. Co-organizer of COSPAR 2018 session Observations of Planetary Objects with Non-Planetary Spacecraft
  17. Co-organizer of 4*P Coma Morphology Campaign, 2016-present.
  18. Member of NASA's Comet ISON Observing Professional-Amateur collaboration team, 2013
  19. Member of NASA's Coordinated Investigations of Comets team, 2013-2014.
  20. James Web Space Telescope Comet Science Working Group. Lead: Chick Woodward (2014-2015)
  21. Co-organizer and journal editor of Royal Society Discussion Meeting: Cometary Science after Rosetta, June 2016. Accompanying journal table of contents.
  22. Co-organizer of Comet ISON Morphology Professional-Amateur collaboration, 2013
  23. Co-organizer of Comet ISON Post-Perihelion Tag-up Workshop, Laurel, MD, December 6, 2013
  24. Co-organizer of Comet ISON Observer's Workshop, Laurel, MD, August 1-2, 2013
  25. Convener of AGU Special Session Sun-Grazing Comets as Solar Probes: What Goes on Behind the Occulter Disk? Fall 2012
  26. Scientific Organizing Committee for Comet Lovejoy Workshop, Boulder, CO, March 21-22, 2012
  27. Co-organizer of 103P/Hartley 2 Rotation Workshop April 2011
  28. Session chair for AAS Division of Planetary Sciences meeting, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, American Geophysical Union meeting
  29. Maintenance of Named Comets website for Committee on Small Body Nomenclature, IAU Division III, 2002-2008

Leadership Activities

  1. Nominating Subcommittee, Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society (2019-present)
  2. Publications Policy Subcommittee, LSST Solar System Science Collaboration (2018)
  3. Member, Department of Astronomy Professional Track Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellow Mentoring Plan Committee, University of Maryland (2017-2018)
  4. Planetary Astronomy seminar organizer, UMD (2016-2019)
  5. Colloquium co-Organizer, Lowell Observatory (2010-2011)
  6. Website Working Group, Lowell Observatory (2009)
  7. Graduate student president, UMD Department of Astronomy (2000-2008)
  8. Captain, UMD Astronomy Department intramural soccer, basketball, and football teams (2001-2008)
  9. Student representative, UMD Astronomy Department Graduate Curriculum Review Committee (2003)
  10. Student representative, UMD Astronomy Department Chair Search Committee (2002)

Teaching and Outreach

  1. I regularly give public talks to audiences of all ages. A partial list is here.
  2. Conversation "The New Space Age and UFOs" panelist, UMD Art Gallery (October 2019) [Youtube]
  3. Visiting teacher, Baltimore ProjectASTRO (2011-2019)
  4. Judge, Lakeland Middle School (Baltimore, MD) science fair (2014-2017) [Twitter]
  5. Reddit "Ask Me Anything", [Comet ISON pre-perihelion][Comet ISON post-perihelion][Comet Siding Spring]
  6. Public program volunteer, Lowell Observary (2010-2011)
  7. Visiting teacher, Lowell Observatory-Navajo/Hopi outreach program (2009-2010)
  8. Mentor, Northern Arizona University REU program (2009)
  9. College Park Scholars Astronomy/Geology spring break trip (guide at Lowell) (2009, 2011)
  10. Maryland Day Volunteer, University of Maryland (2001-2007)
  11. Math/science substitute teacher, Henrico County, Virginia (2001)
  12. Graduate Assistant, University of Maryland Observatory (2000-2008)
  13. Teaching Assistant, ASTR 100 "Introduction to Astronomy", University of Maryland (Fall 2000-Spring 2002)

Advising Experience

  1. Carrie Holt, University of Maryland graduate student (2019-present) Supervised data acquisition, photometric reductions, and analysis of asteroids
  2. Nora Eisner, University of Maryland/University of Sheffield undergraduate student (2016-2017; Summer 2018) Supervised data acquisition, image processing, photometric reductions, and analysis of comets 96P/Machholz 1, 49P/Arend-Rigaux, and 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Zinner. Resulted in three refereed papers (two with student as first author) and one CBET; highly commended at 2017 Undergraduate Awards
  3. Anibal Quiroz Moreyra, University of Maryland undergraduate student (2017) Supervised data analysis of Near-Earth Asteroids
  4. Allison Bair, Lowell Observatory research assistant (2014-2018) Supervised photometric reductions and analysis of sungrazing comets
  5. Michaela Fendrock, Wellesley College undergraduate student (January 2013) Lightcurve analysis of comets 10P/Tempel 2 and 103P/Hartley 2
  6. Samantha Christensen, Lowell Observatory research assistant (2011-2013) Supervised image processing and analysis of comets 10P/Tempel 2 and 103P/Hartley 2. Resulted in a refereed publication
  7. Eddie Schwieterman, Florida Institute of Technology undergraduate student (summer 2009, 2010) Supervised photometric reductions, image processing, and analysis of comet 10P/Tempel 2; trained in optical ground-based observing. Resulted in two refereed publications
  8. Jason Begun, University of Maryland undergraduate student (2009-2012) Supervised photometric reductions of sungrazing comets and maintainence of comet discovery database and website

Technical Skills

  1. Astronomical techniques: Planning and executing observations (optical/near-IR), Data reduction and analysis (optical/near-IR), Image enhancement, Data mining (SOHO, STEREO), Dynamical modeling (HNBody), Numerical modeling (DataDesk)
  2. Astronomical software: IRAF (optical/IR), DS9
  3. Programming languages: IDL, C, HTML, Awk, Unix shell scripts
  4. Other software: plotting (Supermongo), Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice), Word Processing (Microsoft Word, LaTeX), Operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux/Unix)

Additional Training/Workshops

  1. SPICE Training Class (2014) [NAIF]
  2. Cometary Radio Astronomy Workshop (2010) [webpage]
  3. 35th SAAS-Fee Advanced Course on Trans-Neptunian Objects and Comets (2005) [book]
  4. Kitt Peak Summer School, University of Maryland (2004)
  5. BIMA Summer School (2001)


  1. International Astronomical Union
  2. Committee on Space Research
  3. American Astronomical Society
  4. Division for Planetary Sciences of American Astronomical Society
  5. Historical Astronomy Division of American Astronomical Society

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Selected Media Coverage

I now have an IMDB page!
  1. Interstellar Objects (1I/'Oumuamua, 2I/Borisov) (2017-2020)
    --"What was the cigar-shaped object found in space?" CTV News (Canada), July 2019

    --The World Tonight BBC World Service, July 2019 (starts at 35:48)
    --"Interstellar Visitor" Spacepod, July 2019

    --"‘Oumuamua Might Be a Giant Interstellar Hydrogen Iceberg" Wired, May 2020
    --"How the first visitor to our Solar System may have formed—no alien technology required" Science, April 2020
    --"New formation theory explains the mysterious interstellar object ‘Oumuamua" UCSC press release, April 2020
    --"What to Know About the Solar System’s Second Interstellar Visitor" US News & World Reports, December 2019
    --"How two intruders from interstellar space are upending astronomy" Nature, November, 2019
    --"Second-ever interstellar comet contains alien water" Nature, October 2019
    --"‘Oumuamua is Not an Alien Spacecraft" UMD Press release, July 2019. Article adapted by many other website including USA Today, CNN, Fox News, Space, Independeent (UK), The Sun (UK), Daily Mail (UK), Sydney Morning Herald (AU), Vancouver Sun (Canada), CNET, Salon
    --"Scientists regret to inform you that this mystery space object is (probably) not aliens" Washington Post, July 2019
    --"Scientists conclude cigar-shaped interstellar object not an alien spaceship" Reuters, July 2019
    --"Interstellar object 'Oumuamua almost definitely not aliens, we think" New Scientist, July 2019
    --"Sorry, That Blunt-Shaped Interstellar Object Was Not an Alien Spaceship" Vice, July 2019
    --"Close but no alien cigar: mysterious interstellar object is not a spacecraft" The Times (UK), July 2019
    --"Investigation Into 'Oumuamua’s 'Alien' Status Reveals a Natural Explanation" Inverse, July 2019
    --"Interstellar Visitor Found to Be Unlike a Comet or an Asteroid" Quanta Magazine, October 2018
    --"‘Oumuamua, the first known interstellar visitor, is just a comet" PBS, June 2018
    --"Update on an Interstellar Asteroid" AAS Nova, January 2018
    --"Update on `Oumuamua, Our First Interstellar Object" Sky and Telescope, November 2017

  2. Phaethon (2017, 2019)
    --"Geminid Meteor Shower's Parent Debris Trail Spotted for 1st Time", December 2019
    --"Revealing the Physics of the Sun with Parker Solar Probe" NASA press release, December 2019
    --"NRL-camera aboard NASA spacecraft confirms asteroid phenomenon" NRL press release, December 2019
    --"New science from NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission" AGU, December 2019
    --"The biggest meteor shower of the year peaks this week. Here’s how to watch." Washington Post, December 2017

  3. TESS Observations of comets (46P/Wirtanen) (2019)
    --"NASA's planet-hunting satellite captures massive spontaneous outburst of a comet that ejected 2.2 MILLION pounds of material over a 20 day period" Daily Mail, December 2019
    --"NASA Planet-Hunting Telescope Spots Massive Burp from a Comet", December 2019
    --"TESS saw the comet 46P/Wirtanen undergo an outburst after a debris impact" Bad Astronomy/Syfy, December 2019
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    --"NASA’s Exoplanet-Hunting Mission Catches a Natural Comet Outburst in Unprecedented Detail" NASA press release, December 2019
    --"UMD Astronomers Catch a Natural Comet Outburst in Unprecedented Detail" UMD press release, December 2019

  4. 322P/SOHO 1 (2016, 2019)
    --The case of the Sun-diving asteroid that thinks it's a comet SyFy, September 2019
    --Identity-crisis comet may really be closest asteroid to the sun New Scientist, May 2016

  5. 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak (2017-2018)
    --"Swift Mission Catches a Comet Slowdown [Video]" NASA, January 2018
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    --Spinning comet observed to rapidly slow down during close approach to Earth Lowell Observatory, October 2017 [Reposted on]

  6. Planetary Science (general) (2013-2017)
    --"Telescope Takeover" BBC Four's "The Sky at Night", February 2017
    [streaming not available in U.S.; screenshot]
    --"Complete destruction of a comet", August 2016
    --"A second minor planet may possess Saturn-like rings" MIT News, March 2015
    --"Why You'll Never Seen a Red Comet Like in Game of Thrones" The Universe Today, March 2013

  7. 4*P Coma Morphology Campaign (2016-2017)
    --Comet Campaign: Amateurs Wanted BSAS, February 2017
    --Astronomers Primed to Track Spectacular Comet Encounters, December 2016
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  8. Sungrazing comets (general) (2011-2016)
    --"Some Sungrazing Comets May Be Different Beasts", November 2016. Also reported at
    --"Arvoituksellinen pikkukomeettojen myrsky alkoi Jättiläinen tulossa?" [in Finnish], Tahdet ja avaruus (Stars and Space), Spring 2011
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    --"Comet of the Century?" NASA Science News, January 2013 [video version]. Also picked up by a number of other websites.

  14. Discovery Channel Telescope & Comet 10P/Tempel 2 (2013)
    --"Arizona's oldest observatory has first results from its newest telescope" Arizona Daily Star (Tucson), October 2013
    --"Lowell's Discovery Channel Telescope marks milestone"Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff)

  15. C/2011 L4 Pan-STARRS (2013)
    --"Sunset Comet" NASA Science News, March 2013 [video version].
    --"A possible Naked-Eye Comet in March" NASA Science News, March 2013 [video version]. Also picked up by a number of other websites.

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    --"Comet Lovejoy Plunges into the Sun and Survives" NASA Science News, December 2011

  18. EPOXI & 103P/Hartley 2 (2011)
    --"Hyperactive Hartley 2 Has a Split History" EPSC-DPS press release, October 2011. Also picked up by a number of other websites.

  19. C/2007 N3 Lulin (2009)
    --"Comet Lulin (2007 N3): a Detailed Look at a Corkscrew Morphology & the Fascinating 3-D Problem of Lulin's Rotation by Lowell Observatory" Lowell Observatory Blog, October 2009
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  21. Deep Impact & 9P/Tempel 1 (2005)
    --"NASA probes comet for deeper understanding" Arizona Daily Wildcat, July 2005
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