We often get requests for filming at the observatory. The university has some guidelines that should be reviewed, but the gist is:

tv news

If you would like to interview either me or some other faculty member at the UMD Observatory about an upcoming or recent celestial event, you need to call or email me as soon as possible to coordinate times to film at the observatory. We will try to accomodate short notice requests, but some of us are part-time and don't live near campus to be here immediately.

  • These are 'free' although a donation to the observatory would be greatly appreciated so that we can maintain the awesome equipment that gives those interesting backdrops.
  • Call Elizabeth at 301-405-6555 AND email Elizabeth. Without going into gory details, the schedule is flexible enough that we will try to handle short notice requests, but the more lead time (ie, calling the day before to arrange a meeting the next day) is better than trying to call early in the morning for a meeting the same morning.
  • Elizabeth does 'amateur' observing and can answer most questions related to observing stuff in the night sky. However, for other topics, you should arrange for another astronomer from our department or expert from the university.


Here's where it gets a bit tougher. According to the guidelines, if you are interviewing University of Maryland faculty, then it's free, but if you want to interview someone not related to the university and just want to use the observatory as a backdrop, then there is a fee. If you are not sure, you should contact Pam Lloyd. Once you've figured that part out, you still need to fill out a form and at this point you should call 301-405-6555 and/or email Elizabeth Warner to schedule potential filming dates because you'll need that info for the form!

university students

There's a form for university students as well on the guidelines page...

K-12 students

Call 301-405-6555 and/or email Elizabeth.