Maryland Day 2002

27 April 2002

MD Day 2002 logoCome out and join us for the 4th annual Maryland Day. The Astronomy Department will once again set up with other CMPS departments in front of the Math building.

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Here are the events that we held:

  • Ask an Astronomer -- Have an astronomy question? Astronomy faculty and students will be on hand to answer those perplexing astronomy-related questions!

  • UFOs Explained??! -- UFOs or natural phenomena? Learn how some of nature's optical illusions are commonly mistaken for UFOs. Session lasts for 45 minutes.
  • Deep Impact: The First Look Inside a Comet! -- Learn about the NASA Discovery mission Deep Impact! Meet a few of the project scientists and participate in fun crater and comet making demos.

  • Solar Observing -- Take a SAFE look at the big yellow (or red, depends on the filter!) ball in our sky through telescopes with observatory staff.

  • Science, Discovery and the Universe -- Visit with scholars from the College Park Scholars Living and Learning Astronomy Program.

pictures taken by Betsy Miller & Elizabeth Warner

Jeremy supervises as a family looks at the sun.

Eric demonstrates the SunSpotter to the crowd.

Leah answers some questions for a student taking notes.

Ben and Leah modeling with the C-8.

Blair advertises for a campus sponsor while a member of the public takes a look through Jacob's telescope.

Ben checks the telescope's alignment.

Tim and Leah align the Sunspotter.

Dr. Trasco and the first astronomy major of the class of 2014.

Tim tries to pull the focus away from chemical engineering's goo table and on to the sun.

Betsy turns over the camera and takes a look for herself.

The telescopes draw an early morning crowd.

Gretchen argues that those spots are sunspots and not dirt on the lens.

John Trasco discusses the finer points of sunspots.

Lucy McFadden explains the current planetary alignment.

Making craters with Deep Impact.

More cratering with Deep Impact.

More cratering with Deep Impact.

More cratering with Deep Impact.

Elizabeth Warner gets a future scientist to make a prediction.

SDU student Jessica explains the planetary alignment.

Dr. Trasco gets some help realigning the SunSpotter!

We hope you came and enjoyed "Exploring Our World!"