So, you wanted to know about me...


I'm Dr. Melissa N. Hayes-Gehrke. I am a lecturer in the Astronomy Department at the University of Maryland.

I got my PhD from Boston University in Astronomy. You can read about my research, observing, and teaching at BU.

Some of my hobbies for my always-limited spare time are:

My Recent History

My husband, Bill Gehrke, and I moved down to Silver Spring, Maryland, in July 2004. We bought a house, which you can look at on my pictures web page.

In my last few years at BU, I compiled a lot of data on Boston travel times, since I commuted 90 miles daily.

Bill and I got married on August 7th, 1999, and we went to Paris and London on our honeymoon. You can read more about our wedding and honeymoon (and see pictures) here. We also moved into a condo we bought in August 1999. (See a description of it here.)

At the beginning of my graduate years, Bill and I used to live in a quiet little apartment in Somerville near Davis Square with some of my best friends: Kevin, Phil, Lorraine, and Candace. We all met at MIT, because we all lived in the same dorm: Random Hall. Nearly all of my friends were residents there. It was a very small dorm...I won't say much more about it, since the homepage can tell you about it. While I was at Random I originated and maintained the Random Hall homepage. I also maintained and greatly expanded and organized our dorm video library. It's a great place!

Odds and Ends

We adopted three kittens on January 12, 2008: Kali, Rascal, and Zathras.

My first cat, Electra, passed away in November 2007.

Well, I'm originally from Franklin, Pennsylvania. I have little more to say about it. It has lots of cows. :)

Here are some pictures I've taken of my friends from when we lived in Random Hall and beyond, and here's a list of appearances in the Tech by my friends.

My MIT Past