July 2016: This comes right after I presented at a conference in Edinburgh.. Before heading onwards to India, I decided to stop by London and check of its icons. Of course, the Brexit referendum had just happened, so atmosphere was a little tense!

The classic icons of London

Pride of London! Westminister Abey, the Big Ben and London Tower bridge, decorating the river of Thames.
Panoramic view of Tower of London. Special thanks to sun, who rarely shines so bright over London :)
The Buckingham palace looks nice with its exquisite garden and the Queen Victoria Memorial. A gorgeous view from Queen's Garden in front of Buckingham Palace.

The night marvels

The Second World War Memorial stands as testimony of both victory and loss. The iconic London eye wheel illuminating Thames and the majestic King's Cross station.
The National Gallery in London with its glowing fountains. A tall column in front of the gallery looks like it's calling for the stars! And a typical London street, waving its national pride.. (especially after Brexit :P )

The (rare) tall buldings of London

The warship of World War II now stands as a museum floating in Thames (left). The historical castle and modern skyscrappers happily standing together and the bustling life on the other shore of Thames. I would like a window office in that building please!

Greenwich: The reference for time!

We can call it the birthplace of global time-management. The zero longitude, i.e. Prime Meridian is defined here.
The Royal Observatory of Greenwich is where it all began! Astronomy at work here! THey also keep the first standards of yard and foot here. Plus, the view of Greenwich is simply amazing!
Apart from time reference, Greenwich also happens to be a harbor. So a sail-ship turned museum and a ship in a bottle are classics. But most interestingly, they have the first shop in the world (if you go longitude-wise)! That's rich :)