Paris on my mind!

24 December 2016:This was a crash course into Paris! With merely 6 hours in hand before we catch our onwards flight to Madrid. I was with Alap.

Eiffel Tower!

The most sought-after destination! Need I say more? :)

Notre Dame de Paris!

Notre Dame is one of the most famous cathedrals in Europe. Looks great in the morning twilight, along the river Seine.
The main gate us decorated for Christmas eve. We also got to attend the Christmas eve mass. The glass-stain art in the cathedral is so incredibly detailed.
The same location on the shore of Seine river, once in twilight, once in the morning. The buildings here have a unique Roman vibe.

Louvre Museum

The huge modern transparent pyramids at Louvre museum. It's a peaceful location.... The Samaritaine restaurant nearby has a unique way of appealing people :)