A swift flow of thoughts That's poEtry!

One of my greatest joys is to create something new. Poetry is also my way to massage the mind :) If you like it, feel free to use it. More will come gradually. Please don't hesitate to chip-in for various social causes on the Giving back page! Thanks :)

May the force be with you (in sugarcoated words)!

The five forces of nature, according to Indian culture are: Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and Sky. There's something to take from each on of them! I wish you get their best :) I wrote this one for my best friend.

May the wind make you stronger than ever
To overcome the hurdles in your endeavor

May the fire illuminate your inner soul
To take the righteous path and reach your goal

May the waters make you agile enough
So you adapt with the times, smooth or rough

May the earth give you the humility
To enjoy the success and still have pity

May the skies fill the hopes in your eyes
To rise, rise and go beyond the skies

May the force be with you, eternally :)

With you! (The happy one)

There's always that someone...

You bring a balance to my life and a joy of purity you carry,
with you.

No downs are scary, no ups are smug,
there is no worry, with you.

They say it's tough, but I can't thank you enough,
life's a breeze, with you.

Sometimes we fight, but you make me right,
and life gets an insight, with you.

We got each other's backs, and walking in parallel tracks,
to merge eventually, with you.

A thousand stars, sprinkle the warmth as they twinkle,
the night's no longer cold, with you!

Without you... (The sad one)

Again, there's always that someone...

You are stranger to me, but my mind feels strange, without you...

You are standing still, but my heart races, without you...

You are warm, but my soul is frozen, without you...

You are ubiquitous, but my mind is lost, without you...

You are calm, but my thoughts are turbulent, without you...

You are an imagination, but the feeling of separation is real... without you!!

Giving back

Thanks to the society that helps us reach our fullest potential. Let's reciprocate the sentiment!