Astronomy Colloquium for 2018-03-07

Series: Astronomy Colloquium
Date: Wednesday 07-Mar-2018
Time: 16:05-17:00 (4:05-5:00 pm)
Location: ATL 2400
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Fox (STScI)
Title: The Galactic Atmosphere: the Gaseous Halo of the Milky Way

The Milky Way provides an ideal opportunity to study the circumgalactic medium (CGM) of a star-forming spiral galaxy. High velocity clouds (HVCs) seen in H I 21 cm emission and UV absorption probe the multi-phase gas flows that circulate material from the disk to the CGM and back. In this talk I will review recent observations of HVCs and the Milky Way halo, including absorption-line spectra from the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) on Hubble and H I studies from the Green Bank Telescope. We will take a tour of different parts of the Galactic ecosystem, including the biconical outflow from the Galactic Center that drives gas into the giant Fermi Bubbles, and the Magellanic Stream, a massive tidal tail stripped from the LMC and SMC that is bearing enough gas to potentially elevate the Galactic star formation rate.

Colloquia are usually preceded by espresso and ice cream at 1:45 pm outside room PSC 1150 and are followed by an informal reception at 5:15 pm in that room. Anyone interested in talking with the speaker, or being added to the colloquium announcement email list, should contact the colloquium organizer. Lunch will normally be reserved for the speaker to talk to graduate students.

Colloquium Organizer: Prof. L. Drake Deming


Special accommodations for individuals with disabilities can be made by calling (301) 405-3001. It would be appreciated if we are notified at least one week in advance.


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