Physics Colloquium for 2018-04-24

Series: Physics Colloquium
Date: Tuesday 24-Apr-2018
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: PSC Lobby
Speaker: Smitha Vishveshwara (UIUC)
Title: Quantum Voyages, Cosmic Journeys: Exploring Physics through the Arts

From ancient monuments to modern day films, the confluence of the arts and physics has resulted in creations that have led to a deeper understanding of nature, to friendly and enchanting ways of perceiving science in action, to giving the arts a new dimension, to technological progress…and to pure fun! In this colloquium, I will navigate through three interconnected, collaborative physics-art explorations that I am currently involved in. A popular book in the making describes two revolutions of the past century, Einstein’s relativity and quantum physics, as a dialog and a personal tale. In a class entitled Where the Arts meets Physics, we bring alive the universe and the quantum world through installation and performance – cosmic canopies housing black hole mergers, raps on radioactivity, Warhol versions of Bohr-Einstein debates, and more. Collaborations with theater and dance have led to creating Quantum Voyages, an original performance piece, where two vo! yagers led by the spirit of knowledge enter the microscopic realm of atomic landscapes and quantum conundrums. I will share the process behind the making and fresh footage of last month’s premier of Quantum Voyages.

Hosted by: Jay Deep Sau

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