Planetary Astronomy Late-morning Seminar for 2018-02-12

Series: Planetary Astronomy Late-morning Seminar
Date: Monday 12-Feb-2018
Time: 11:00-12:00
Location: ATL 1250
Speaker: Christine Hartzell (UMD)
Title: Granular Mechanics on Asteroids: The influence of non-gravitational forces

While asteroids vary significantly in size, morphology and chemical composition, there is a consistent need to understand the behavior of granular materials in order to improve understanding of the evolution of these bodies. The behavior and interactions of grains drives the interior structure of small, “rubble pile” asteroids, and may strongly influence the surface morphology across the range of asteroid sizes. Due to the weak gravity and lack of an atmosphere on these bodies, non-gravitational forces can dominate the interactions of grains. This talk will discuss the physics and dynamics of electrostatic dust lofting and levitation on asteroids, as well as plans to look for signatures of these phenomena at Bennu. On-going experimental work to understand triboelectric charging of regolith as well as computational studies to quantify the significance of magnetic forces in regolith on metallic asteroids will also be discussed.

For further information contact PALS coordinator Dr. Matthew Knight at or (301)-405-2629.


Special accommodations for individuals with disabilities can be made by calling (301) 405-3001. It would be appreciated if we are notified at least one week in advance.


Directions and information about parking can be found here.

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