CTC Lunch for 2016-03-07

Series: CTC Lunch
Date: Monday 07-Mar-2016
Time: 11:00-12:00
Location: PSC 1136 (Conference room)
Speaker: Mia Bovill (STScI)
Title: "Lost and Found: The Dwarfs of Centaurus A"

I will present work using the interface of simulations and observations to undertake the first detailed study of the complete dwarf satellite population of a galactic system beyond the Local Group. In this talk, I will present initial results from a set of high resolution cosmological N-body simulations of Centaurus A, a 10^13 solar mass halo approximately 3 Mpc from the Local Group. When coupled with our Survey of Centaurus A's Baryonic Structure (SCABS), this work will be a powerful addition to near field cosmology. In addition, I will discuss a possible formation scenario for the observed high M/L Centaurus A globular clusters (Taylor et al, 2015) within a cosmological context.

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