Claudia Knez's Research

Claudia Knez

I am part of the Laboratory for Millimeter-wave Astronomy, and use ground and space facilities to study the chemical evolution from molecular clouds to star forming regions to disks.

ADS Listing for past 5 years

Studies of Ice and Dust in Molecular clouds
I am leading a survey studying the ice and dust composition of three molecular clouds in our galaxy using the Spizter Space Telescope.We are using the Infrared Spectrometer (IRS) to study the 5 - 20 micron spectrum toward the molecular clouds.We are probing lines of sight not associated with star formation at varying level of visual extinction. I am also part of the Goddard Center for Astrobiology and collaborating on laboratory experiments which will help interpret the astrophysical observations. In addition, we usemillimeter wave studies to determine densities and temperatures of the molecular clouds.

Star formation and Disks
I am using the Texas Echelon Cross Echelle Spectrograph (TEXES) to study the infrared spectra of protostars and disks. We are also using this instrument to look at proto-planetary disks.

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