Lisa Wei's Research

Lisa Wei

I am a graduate student in the Laboratory for Millimeter-wave Astronomy group, working under the direction of Stuart Vogel, as well as external advisers Sheila Kannappan(UNC) and Andrew Baker(Rutgers). I study the potential for morphological evolution of nearby field elliptical and S0 galaxies.

ADS Listing for past 5 years

Research 1
My thesis focuses on finding direct support for gaseous disk regrowth in blue-sequence E/S0s from radio data as a part of an in-depth multi-wavelength study of nearby field E/SOs. I use CARMA, GBT, and VLA to probe the sizes and spatial extent of the molecular/atomic gas reservoirs, and use the kinematic information from the maps to determine the evolutionary state of these galaxies.

Research 2
I also look at galaxies detected in the near- and far-UV by GALEX and compare them with with a 1.2mm dust emission map of the NTT Deep Field to determine the total contributions to the far-IR/submillimeter background and the cosmic star formation rate density from UV-selected galaxies out of z ~ 1.

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