Astronomy 320: Theoretical Astrophysics

**** Here is a short syllabus. The official website has been set up on ELMS. ****

The official class website is on the Enterprise Learning Management System used by our university. The URL is Once there, you must login with your university Directory ID and password. If you do not know your Directory ID, or you forget your password, there are instructions on the website about what to do. The syllabus and assignments will be posted there as well as here, and in addition there will be some notes and/or slides shown in class.
(Look under "Files", in the folders called "Homework Sets" and "Lecture Notes".)

Provisional Syllabus

Problem set No. 1 -- p1.pdf

Set No. 1 solutions -- Set_1_solutions.pdf
Problem set No. 1 -- Set_1_plot.pdf

Problem set No. 2 -- p2.pdf

Notes on Hydrostatic Equilibrium.

Notes on Stellar Structure.

Notes on Convection in Stars.

Notes on Quantum States.

Notes on the Pressure of Degenerate Particles.

Notes on White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars.