p ASTR620 Galaxies - Fall 2015

ASTR620: Galaxies - Fall 2015

Prof. Richard Mushotzky

Tue, Thu; 2:00-3:15 PM


Lecture 1 Introduction: Some Galaxy Properties

Lecture 2 Introduction (continued): Some Galaxy Properties

Lecture 3 Introduction (continued): Some Galaxy Properties

Lecture 4 Basic Galaxy Properties

Lecture 5 Properties of Stars Lec 1

Lecture 6 Properties of Stars Lec 2

Lecture 7 GAS in Galaxies Lec 1

Lecture 8 GAS in Galaxies Lec 2

Lecture 9 Dust in Galaxies

Lectures 10-11 Milky Way Lec 1 and 2

Lecture 12 Galactic Rotation

Lecture 13 Dynamics I

Lecture 14,15 Dynamics II and III

Lectures 16 Local group I

Lectures 17 Local group II

Lectures 18, 19 Star Formation

Lecture 20-22 Spiral Galaxies

Lecture 23-24 Elliptical galaxies

Lecture 25 Elliptical galaxies

Lecture 26 AGN 1

Lecture 27 AGN 2

Lecture 28 AGN 3



Home Work

Homework1 Due Thursday Sept

Review Articles

review article Star Formation Across Cosmic Time Madau and Dickinson

Galaxy Structure Evolution -C. Conselice

Galaxy Masses- review article S.Courteau et al

Galaxy Formation (pedagogical review article: J. Silk, A. Di Cintio, I. Dvorkin

Theory of Stellar Evolution; G.W. Collins (book chapter, 2003)

Galaxy Formation Theory; A. Benson (Physics Reports review article, 2010)

Dark Matter and Cosmic Structure ;C Frenk & S White (Annalen der Physik review article, 2012)

Status of the IMF; John Scalo review article)

The IMF; G. Chabrier review article 2003)

Stellar Evolutionary Models Annual Review of A&A review article 2005)

The ISM Lecture Notes Fabian Walter

HI in the Milky Way Review Article P. Kalbela and J. Kerp

The ISM Molecular ISM E. van Dishoeck, Spitzer Lecture

Galactic Kinematics; J. Binney et al very recent result)

Review Article on how to Measure MW Rotation Curve; Bhattacharjee,Chaudhury and Kundu

Review Article on Chemical Evolution in Galaxies;N. Prantzos

Star Formation (Kennicutt, Annual Review)

Star Formation (Kennicutt and Evans 2012, review article)

Inferring History of Star Formation (Dunlop, review article)

Co-Evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes (Heckman and Kauffmann, review article)

Signatures of Formation of the Milky Way (Freeman and Bland-Hawthorn, review article)

Thermal Processes in Astrophysics (Kaastra et al., review article)

Physical Properties and Environments of Nearby Galaxies (Blanton and Moustakas,review article)

Recent Relevant Papers

Galactic Archaeology- the Apogee Survey (arxiv 1509.05420)

Interesting Articles

History of Science (Science article, 2009)

The great Shapley-Curtis debate on the size of the Universe

Some history of Cold Dark Matter

Popular version of Origin of Universe

The Friedmann equations and consequences (some deeper math)

Derivation of Galactic Dynamics Equations (P. van der Kruit)

Review Article on Galaxy Formation (Chris Conselice)

Chris Mihos's web site for Java apps illustrating galaxy dynamics>

Esther Zirbel's web site links to interesting articles from Scientific American>

In Depth Presentations on Topics and Talks

Downsizing and Galaxy Formation (P.McCarthy)

Fundamental Plane of Elliptical Galaxies (Djorgovski and Treu)

Dark Matter, Cosmology and Structure Formation Lectures (V. Springel)

review article on AGN Physics (H. Netzer)

when where and how are SMBHs Born (J. Greene)

Precious fossils of the infant universe Anna Frebel and Volker Bromm

Movies shown in class

Gravitational Lensing