An Introduction to Amateur Astronomy

Have you ever wondered about what that bright star is near the moon? Or how do amateur astronomers know where to look in the sky? Have you ever gone to some of the astronomy websites and wondered what the heck they were talking about?

Then this 'course' is for you!

For six Friday nights from 8-10pm in June and July (2002), we covered some of the basics of amateur astronomy.

Because this was such a popular program, we do plan on having it again next summer (2003). So stay tuned when we announce the details in Spring '03!

week date topic
week 1 14 June 2002 alt az, planispheres, satellites and constellations
week 2 21 June 2002 RAdec, starcharts, starhopping, planetarium software
week 3 28 June 2002 types of objects, Messier and other lists
week 4 12 July 2002 types of scopes, setting up scopes
week 5 19 July 2002 astrophotography and digital imaging
week 6 26 July 2002 observing projects, resources

Elizabeth Warner, the UMD Observatory coordinator, will be teaching the program. If you have any questions, please email her or call her at 301-405-6555.