Whenever there is some special celestial event, you'll often find the UMD Observatory mentioned in one of the local papers. Here we've tried to archive some of those articles. We'll also try to archive articles about amateur astronomy and astronomy in the region.

Date Title Source
2007-04-29 Sky Watch: Catch a Beaming Beauty at Sunset Washington Post
2007-04-01 Sky Watch: A Very Bright Idea: Venus, Saturn, Jupiter Show Off Washington Post
2007-01-01 Sky Watch: Venus Returns at Dusk Washington Post
2006-12-04 Sky Watch: Early Birds Can Glimpse Mars, Mercury and Jupiter Washington Post
2006-11-26 Get Thrown for a Loop Washington Post
2006-11-07 University set to host Mercury observation The Diamondback
2006-10-29 Sky Watch: Mercury in the Spotlight Washington Post
2006-10-01 Sky Watch: At About 20 Meteors Per Hour, Orionid Shower Will Be Among October's Celestial Highlights Washington Post
2006-09-05 Sky Watch: Traversing the Depths And Heights of the Sky Washington Post
2006-07-30 Sky Watch: Venus and Saturn Star in August Sky Washington Post
2006-06-25 Sky Watch: Jupiter Is Easy to Spot Through July Washington Post
2006-05-28 Sky Watch: Meeting of Mars, Saturn To Sweeten June Nights Washington Post
2006-01-20 On Starry Nights, Let Your Eyes Wander Washington Post
2006-01-19 Date Shake Washington Post
2005-12-30 Sky Watch: Venus Ready to Play Peekaboo Washington Post
2005-12-05 Sky Watch: December Nights Graced By Planets' Sparkling Light Washington Post
2005-Spring The Source TERP Magazine Spring 2005
2004-10-27 Lunar Eclipse Expected Tonight Washington Post
2004-06-10 Hundreds visit campus to view celestial marvel The Diamondback
2004-06-04 On the Move: Get Set for Venus's Day in the Sun Washington Post
2004-04-01 Sky Watch: Venus Readies for a Rare Eclipse Washington Post
2004-01-27 Out of the Blue Outlook Online
2003-12-01 Sky Watch: Venus Brightens the Holidays Washington Post
2003-11-10 Ancient myths revisited with lunar eclipse The Diamondback
2003-10-30 Sky Watch: The Moon Gets to Be a Star Washington Post
2003-10-06 Sky Watch: At Symposium, a Star Search Comes to Life Washington Post
2003-10-02 Red Planet Becomes Star of U-Md. Open Houses Washington Post
2003-10-02 Grounded In Stargazing Washington Post
2003-08-27 Mad for Mars: Stargazers Flock for a View Washington Post
2003-08-25 Training an Eye on Mars Washington Post
2003-02-11 University's Window on the Universe Outlook Online