This is a new program we are trying out. The UMD Observatory has lots of chores and projects that need to get done. Some are pretty mundane like cleaning up, organizing books on shelves, and sorting through stuff. Some are projects that were started by classes and need to get finished like the 3D models of constellations. So we are setting aside time on Wednesday afternoons from 4-6pm to work on these projects and are inviting individuals (ages 10 and up) who would like to assist us in completing these and other projects to participate. Perfect for students looking for service projects. But adults may also join in.

How to participate:

Email Elizabeth with your interest and in which project you are interested. We usually meet from 4-6pm on most Wednesdays, but Elizabeth will provide updated times when you register with her. For students fulfilling service requirements though, we ask that you show up for at least an hour each week.

Current projects:

  • cleaning up
    • sweeping out bays
    • sorting/straightening up books on shelves
    • sorting/straightening up garage sale stuff
    • filing magazines
  • finishing projects
    • 3D models of constellations
    • constellation boards
    • getting EarthDial mounted and camera linked
    • refinishing map cabinet
  • potential projects
    • we have a radio dish and some antennae -- getting them into real working condition
    • getting other webcams set up for bays
    • putting together spectroscope
    • building a camera adapter for 8" astrograph
  • landscaping? anyone want to do some gardening?
    • front entrance area
    • herb, vegetable garden
    • bees
  • suggestions from you?? If you have an idea, propose it!