Join volunteers from the Department of Astronomy, the UMD Observatory, and local clubs as we

Observe the Transit of Venus!

Last chance until 2117!


3:45pm -- We are currently a GO! Yes, it is pretty cloudy, but we have the equipment setup and we're ready. So if it clears up and we get a glimpse, we'll be ready! If we get some spot showers, we have tarps.

WHO: Everyone is invited! This event is open to students, faculty, staff and the general public!

WHAT: Observing the Transit of Venus (Venus crosses the disk of the Sun)

WHERE: roof of Stadium Dr. Garage

WHEN: Tues 5 June 2012, 5-10:30pm

WHY: Rare event, next one will be in 2117!

HOW: Because we are observing the Sun, safe filters must be used. In addition, Venus is not big and will be difficult to see without the use of telescopes. We will have a number of telescopes with proper solar filters as well as special solar glasses so that everyone can safely observe the event!

What to bring?!
  • WATER!
  • family
  • WATER!
  • friends
  • WATER!
  • camera(s)
  • WATER!
  • hat with brim
  • WATER!
  • lawn chair, towel or blanket to sit on
  • WATER!
  • If you have your own telescope, you may bring it. We will stay after sunset to observe the night sky if we can.
  • bug repellant (please walk away from the crowd and telescopes and preferably downwind before applying spray type repellents)

This event is in the later afternoon in early June. It will be hot. Please bring your own water bottles and ice for staying cool. Although the observing is on the top level, you can retreat to one of the lower levels to get into shade.

Stadium Dr. Garage

This garage has two entrances -- one on each end. Spiral up to the top levels. Normally you would be able to cross from one end of the garage to the other end by going across the topmost level, but we will have a portion of the top level blocked off for telescopes and people.

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(These links may no longer work after the event.)

  1. UMD Observatory UStream< (this will be our first public event... not sure if it will work!)
  2. Smithsonian UStream
  3. NASA UStream
  4. Exploratorium
  6. Mount Wilson Observatory
  7. other locations