The Observatory has four permanently mounted telescopes on site, and a collection of 12 portable telescopes used both on and off site. Open House events make use of the permanently mounted telescopes profiled below.

7" Astro-Physics Refractor

7inch telescope in its parked positionThis favorite among Open House visitors was returned to the observatory in July 1998 after a new lens was made for it by the kind folks at Astro-Physics. It was originally donated to our observatory by Marty Cohen of Company 7. He wanted to provide us with a telescope that would offer great views of night sky objects even with our bad seeing. It offers brilliantly clear and crisp images of planets, star clusters and other moderately bright objects.

Diameter of objective lens: 7 inches (177.8 mm)
Focal Length of objective lens: 65 inches (1654 mm)
Focal ratio: f/9
40 mm eyepiece: 41 X
25 mm eyepiece: 66 X
18 mm eyepiece: 92 X
12.5 mm eyepiece: 132 X
* 6 mm eyepiece: 275 X