The 20" telescope was removed from the Observatory in June 2000. Over the next year, Company 7 of Laurel, MD, cleaned the mirrors, rebuilt the drives, installed a computerized go-to system, and other system upgrades. Below is a visual record of the process.

The old 20" in its home position

Another view of the 20" before its renovation (note the grey and blue paint). You can also just see Dr. Veilleux behind the left finder scope.

The 20" lifts off!

20" mid-air

The 20" is loaded onto the back of a truck for transport to Company 7

The 20" bay, base recently repainted by Tom Stickle's Northwestern High School students, eagerly awaits the telescope after a 14 month absence.

After a tour of the greater DC Area, the telescope returns to the Observatory

Getting the 20" ready for lift off.

And we have lift off.....

Marty Cohen of Company 7 and John of Optical Guidance Systems begin reconnecting vital telescope components.

Marty and Observatory Coordinator Gretchen Walker unwrap the telescope and prepare to fire it up.

Some of the brand new drive gearing machined as part of the renovations.

These images were taken with our 20" telescope and a Photometrics CCD system before the 2000-2001 renovation.



Petav Crater on the Moon

M 15 - A Globular Cluster in the Constellation of Pegasus

M 42 - The Orion Nebula
A star forming region in Orion

M 57 - The Ring Nebula
Planetary Nebula in the Constellation of Lyra