20 Feb 2003

photos by E. Warner

Okay, the snow actually fell over the weekend Saturday 15 Feb thru Monday 17 Feb. I was out of town -- snowboarding in Breckenridge CO and basically snowed out of DC... scheduled flight back on late Monday was canceled and I ended up getting back late Tuesday! Campus was closed Mon - Wed. Got an interesting email from the Provost late Wednesday so I drove out to the Observatory Thursday early afternoon. I got there before the snowplows. I drove up as close as I could to the gate, but even with 4 wheel drive had some trouble. So I parked the truck, put on my boots and started hiking in with a camera and video camera. About 15 feet in, the snowplows showed up so I had to move the truck! I hiked across the lawn (grassy area east of the lecture hall) over to the C8 pad and on over to the lecture hall. Shot some pictures and video along the way. The pictures are below. Stay tuned for the video!

Truck in front of gate... someone walks home this way?? Boy, opening the gate wasn't easy... swinging it scooped up alot of snow!

Yup, backing out was a little slippery.

That is alot of snow piled up! Watch out for the lights!

The plows actually did a pretty good job of clearing the lot... I should've gotten a shot after they finished.

Thank you Mr. Snowplow Guys!

Although the lot got cleared, the sidewalk, steps and C8 pad were still covered. It'll be several days before the snow melts off... or, I'll have to see which ASTR students need extra credit!