Computer Humor

Here's 50 ways to annoy people in your computer lab.

Or how about some Poe? Here's a not-so-orthodox version of Poe: Abort, Retry Ignore.

Since computers are becoming such an obsession, it's only fair to think that they'd get into musicals, too, like in Best Side Story.

Finally, here's a good use for Windows-- against the Borg!

Ever get tired of those incredibly clueless computer users?

Here's a rather, um, rather unusual man page.

This is a cute little story about Texans that took exception to Daemons, the computer kind.

The saga of the Rebellion against the Empire continues in: Dec Wars!

Here's the proper way to take care of your floppies.

Watch out for this new computer disease, MUD-1.

Which operating system really goes with your personality? Here's a test to find out.

Have you ever thought that UNIX was to sexist, racist, or otherwise biased? Well, take a look at the new PC UNIX.

You knew the war between the various computer factions was obtaining epic proportions, right? Well, here's how it all started, with The Legend of the Pea Sea.

This should maybe be in my Sex and Love humor directory, but here's a comparison between a penis and ethernet.

Here's the Programmer's Prayer, that every good programmer should say before they lay themselves down to sleep.

This is a list of what real programmers do and don't.

This should possibly be in my Christmas humor directory, but oh well. It's the UNIX version of The Night Before Christmas.

Here's the song "I've Built a Better Model Than the One at Data General".

And you thought that the viruses in your computer were normal! Here's a list of the weird ones.

Ever heard of the song "Let It Be"? Well, how about "Write In C"?

Here's how to change those mouse balls.

Did they really mean this when they talk about DNA code?

Here's yet another version of the Bohemian Rhapsody -- the Computer Rhapsody.

What if HAL were a Pentium?

Here's what might happen if the Enterprise used Windows 95.

Check out this tech support call from Trinidad.

What would happen if you were the last person on Earth who didn't have Windows 95?

Following on this wonderful Windows 95 bashing, take a look at this parody called Start It Up.

To reverse the comparison, what if highways were like the internet?

Here's how Bill Gates' baby is just like other Microsoft products...

Are you sick of computers and the internet? Here's how to get America Offline.

I'll bet you didn't know your power supply could be controlled by your software.

What if Windows was a telepathic operating system?

Worried about Y2K? Here's some software to help you out.

What sex is your computer?

Feeling stressed out by your computer? Check out this site for some relief.