ASTRO680 : High Energy Astrophysics

(Prof. Richard Mushotzky)

High Energy Astrophysics Picture of the Week
  • Lecturer: Dr. Richard Mushotzky
  • Time:T Th 2:00-3;15pm
  • Dates:29 Jan - 14 May 2019
  • Room: Rm 2330 Atlantic Building
  • Office: PSC1154
  • Off. Hrs Tues, Thurs 4:45-5:45

Syllabus 2019

Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 4

Introductory Lecture 1

Introductory Lecture 2 +Start of Physical Processes

Lecture 3 Emission and Absorption

Lectures 4&5 X-ray Detectors and Telescopes

Lec 6 Clusters of Galaxies Intro

Lec7,8 Clusters of Galaxies Masses

Lec 9 Clusters of Galaxies Chemical Abundances

Lec 9.5 S-Z Effect

Lec 10 SuperNova and SuperNova Remants I

Lec 11 SNR II

Lec 12 SNR III

Lec 13 Neutron Stars I

Lec 14 Neutron Stars II

Lec 15 Neutron Stars III

Lec 16 Neutron Stars IV

Lec 17 Neutron Stars V

Lec 18 Black Holes I

Lec 19 Supermassive Black Hole Masses I

Lec 20 Supermassive Black Hole Masses II +AGN I

Lec 21 AGN II

Lec 22 AGN III

Lec 23 AGN IV

Lec 24 AGN V

Lec 25 GRBs


Prof. N. Kaiser's Lectures-Elements of Astrophysics


Essential Radio Astronomy- Nice description of physical processes

X-ray schools web pages and other useful material

History of high energy astrophysics

Prof. J. Wilms Course on Radiation Processes

Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics

X-ray emission from clusters of galaxies

X-ray spectroscopy of clusters of galaxies

Soft X-rays and EUV Radiation- Prof. David Atwood's course

Tutorial On Radio Pulsars from Jodrell Bank

Andy Fabian's Notes on Astrophysics- everything in one place

Catherine Grant Lecture on X-ray CCDs

Telescopes Lectures,
X-ray Optics Dan Schwartz Lecture

X-ray Optics B. Aschenbach Lecture

Detailed Description of Chandra High Energy Grating C.Canizares

Lectures on Atomic Physics- Plasma Codes-R. Smith

Lectures on Atomic Physics Atomic Processes E. Behar

Lectures on Atomic Physics-Overview F. Paerels

Lectures on Lensing-Intro Schneider

Strong Lensing- Kochanek

Weak Lensing Schneider

Overview on Lensing Narayan and Bartelmann

J. Vink Excellent Review Article on SuperNova Remnants

Lectures From the Astro-H Summer Schools: AGN, SNR, X-ray binaries, strong gravity
Meg Urrys Lecture on Jets

Jon Millers Lectures on Black Hole Binaries

Chris Reynold's Lecture on Strong Gravity

Safi Harb's Lecture on SNR

Maxim Markevitch's Lecture on Clusters of Galaxies

Brian McNamara Intro to Clusters of Galaxies

Mark Bautz Finding and Weighing Clusters of Galaxies

Chris Reynolds- AGN

Randall Smith Non-Thermal Processes

Aharonian's Lecture on Non-thermal Universe-Gamma-Ray Physics

High Energy Astrophysics is the study of the energetic universe, the processes that produce high energy photons, techniques for detecting these photons and the objects that emit them. The objects of study include black holes, neutron stars, clusters of galaxies.